Real Estate

Real Estate
Midwest Plan Schedules RE Mgr. Interviews

The plan will interview two real estate managers as it looks to complete its pacing plan for the asset class.

Southern Plan Narrows LCG Search; Makes Private Commitments

The plan will interview three finalists for its large-cap growth search.

Industry News
E&Fs Seek Private Real Estate As Portfolio ‘Ballast’ In Inflationary, Expanding Economy

But uncertainty remains about future of real estate property income levels and asset prices and their effect on returns.

Private Equity
New England Plan To Issue Secondary PE RFP

The plan will begin a private equity manager search with a focus on secondaries.

Real Estate
Midwest Plan Makes Non-Core Emerging RE Mgr. Hires

The plan hired two emerging managers in its non-core real estate search.

Passive Equity
Rocky Mountain 457 Plan Shakes Up Equity, Fixed-Income Portfolios

The plan moved its four index funds with Vanguard Group to index funds with Fidelity Investments.

Real Assets
Illinois SURS Approves Commitments

The plan committed a total of $150 million to real assets and real estate funds at its meetings last week.

Real Estate
Calif. Plan Approves RE Commitment

A California pension plan approved a non-core real estate commitment in line with its fiscal year 2022 pacing plan.

Real Estate
Northwest Plan Adds RE Commitment

The plan added an Asian core real estate commitment with an existing manager.

Pacific NW Plan Concludes Fixed-Income Search

The hires conclude a strategic fixed-income implementation plan.