Healthcare Systems Should Reset Investment Outlook Amidst Low Bond Yields, Muted Returns: Report

Healthcare systems should reset investment expectations as the outlook for their diversified portfolios appears challenged despite many successfully navigating the most difficult financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to recent research.  

Endowments Must Explore Non-Core Positions To Meet Targeted Returns Amid Uncertain Market Environment: Study

Institutions should take a fresh look at financial and investment strategies to address challenges to their business models and maintain optimal asset allocations to meet a 7.5% historical return target, particularly in the face of a long-term era of muted returns, according to a recent study.

Investors Aiming For Social Impact Need Standardized Data: Survey

Institutional investors around the world are increasingly evaluating managers’ ESG integration in terms of demonstrable outcomes and want firms to show results of their ESG-integrated strategies, according to a recent survey.

ESG Disclosure Access Essential For Institutions To Manage Impact: Report

Regulators must standardize and make public company reporting on ESG disclosure accessible in order for institutional investors to properly manage and account for impact in their investment portfolios, according to a recent report.

Manager Recovery Efforts, Revised Business Approaches Follow COVID-19 Disruption: Report

Investment managers will be increasingly judged on their client engagement and interaction as the industry continues to undergo a digital transformation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to recent research.

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Nonprofits Say Non-Traditional Portfolios Will Be Crucial Over Next Decade: Survey

Diversified and actively managed portfolios will be the best way for nonprofits to meet their spending needs in a continually challenging market environment over the next several years, according to a recent survey.

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E&F Investment Portfolios Mostly Unchanged Despite COVID-19 Impact, Market Volatility: Report

Most had minimal changes and are thinking with a long-term investment horizon.

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Institutions Need To Understand How To Assess ESG Implementation: Report

ESG data providers are finding it challenging to collect and analyze ESG data.

Value Managers Garner Interest In Q4 As Equity Markets Continue Surge

Despite growth stocks grabbing the headlines during the market surge following the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, fundamental value managers began to see more interest in the fourth quarter as the market started to shift.

Understanding A Manager’s ESG Investment Process: Report

The report is second in a series on ESG integration.