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Manager Selection Increasingly Pertinent With Alternative Investments: Study

Selection of alternatives managers will be important as role of strategies expand in institutional portfolios.

Emerging Managers
Foundations Ahead Of Institutional Investors When Investing In Diverse-Owned Firms

Foundations continue to lap the rest of the institutional investment space when it comes to investing with diverse- and women-owned firms, a new study finds.

Not All Manager Track Records Are Created Equal, But Private Equity Persistence Is Evident: Report

Private equity persistence is evident in pre- and post-2000 vintages, but prior track record should only be used as a “valuable reference point” for investors as it needs to be placed in context with factors such as the strategy and organization that created it, a new study finds.

Emerging Managers
Western University Launches Emerging Manager Initiative

A Western university has launched an investment program to increase its use of women- and minority-owned investment managers.

Long-Term U.S. Endowment Returns Rise Despite 2019 Dip: Study

The returns for U.S. endowments dipped in 2019 but rose for the 10-year period ending June 30 as the remnants of the financial crisis continued to fade into the past, according to the 2019 NACUBO-TIAA Study of Endowments.

Shift In Approach to ESG Investing Globally: Study

Investors are shifting their approach to ESG investments, according to a new study.

No Visible Evidence Fossil Fuel Divestment Hurts Endowment Performance: Report

The assumption that divestment can hurt the total return of an endowment is based on speculation, according to CJ Ryan, co-author of a recent research paper that found no discernible evidence that divestment of fossil fuels can negatively impact the total return of an endowment’s portfolio.

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Nonprofit News Special Report: 2020 Alternative Investments Outlook

Nonprofits should focus on the purpose various alternative asset classes serve in their portfolio across market cycles as the unprecedented bull market continues into 2020, industry experts say.

Nonprofit Investment Committees And Portfolios Adjusting With A Complex Investment Market: SEI

Nonprofits expect to focus on governance and best practices within their investment committees as means to better achieve their overall missions, according to a new SEI study.

2020 Traditional Investments Outlook

Expectations for the equity and bond markets in 2020 continue to be cautiously optimistic after a 2019 market that left bearish investors wishing they had kicked that sentiment down the road a year or two.

While many do not expect the market to perform in 2020 quite like it did in 2019, nonprofit investors are still not expecting their real spending targets to come under heavy pressure in the near-term as they gauge the economic cycle and its ability to sustain its growth trajectory.