White Asset Owners More Likely To Fear Choice Between Diversity, Profits: Survey

The poll of large U.S. asset owners found that 70% of white asset owners either somewhat or strongly agree that promotion of diversity comes at the expense of growth.

Institutional Investors Continue To Emphasize ESG In Investment Processes: Survey

Nonprofits and other investors ranked anti-corruption as top ESG concern for the second consecutive year.

Emerging/Diverse Managers
Foundations Increasing Investment, Disclosure Into Diverse Mgrs. Yet Work Remains: Study

Foundations continue to be the leaders of the institutional investment space when it comes to investing with diverse- and women-owned firms as 30 of the top 55 largest foundations collectively invest more than $11 billion with diverse-owned managers, yet work remains as 14 elected not to disclose any data including diversity statistics, according to a study.

OCIO Search Consultants See Activity Increase As Institutions Focus On Discretionary Services: Survey

Search consultants saw a slight increase in discretionary and non-discretionary advisory search activity in 2020 and more than half expect their searches to increase over the next year with nonprofits expected to be the top segment driving growth.

Strong Board Networks Possess Greater ESG Results For Investor Portfolios: Survey

An increase in board engagement on ESG issues reflects the growing importance of ESG to companies and their investors.

E&Fs Can Optimize Portfolio Construction To Offset Ongoing Challenges: Report

Endowments and foundations can optimize their portfolio construction approaches in order to bridge the gap caused by portfolio challenges related to rising interest rates, inflation and muted return expectations, according to a new report.

Advisors Favor Active Management In Turbulent Markets: Study

62% of advisors allocated a majority of their client assets to active management.

Industry News
Inflation Risk Will Impact Institutional Portfolios

One investment manager expects inflation will be higher over the next decade than in the previous one, potentially proving more damaging to investors’ long-term returns, according to a recent report.

Canadian E&Fs Increase Alts. Allocations, Shift To Outsourced CIO Model And Make Progress In ESG

Canadian endowments and foundations are looking to real assets and alternatives to continue diversifying their portfolios moving forward, according to a recent study.

Managers Must Know Their Role When Working With $1 Billion-Plus Nonprofits And Pensions

Managers looking to target $1 billion-plus institutions need to understand the role that they would play in enhancing the larger portfolios and find ways to add value to them as one of many firms working with the institution, according to a new report from a human behavior and analytics firm.