Asset Study/Review

Asset Study/Review
Midwest Plan Increases Private Markets Target; Places Int’l Equity Mgr. On Watch

The plan increased its total private markets target as the portfolio is currently overweight to private equity and private real assets and recently placed an MSCI EAFE Index fund manager on watch due to underperformance.

Private Equity
Southern University Drafting PE Co-Investment Policy, Approves RE Commitment

The institution has drafted a private equity co-investment policy framework alongside its general investment consultant that will be presented at a future meeting.

Passive Fixed-Income
Calif. Plan Selects Interim Long-Term U.S. Treasury Bonds Mgr. For OPEB; Promotes Investment Officer

The plan hired an existing manager to temporarily handle a roughly $70 million allocation and announced the promotion of an investment officer at a meeting yesterday.

Southwestern State Revises Investment Policy To Block ESG Consideration

The state is now required to only consider pecuniary factors that exert a material effect on the financial risk or the financial when making investment decisions.

Private Equity
New England Plan Considers New Allocation

A university based in New England is contemplating a new dedicated private equity allocation within one of its investment pools.

West Coast University Divesting From Fossil Fuels

The university is looking to divest direct and indirect fossil fuel investments and reinvest in clean energy solutions.

Hedge Funds
Midwest University Considering Adding Portable Alpha Portfolio

The university is considering adding a portable alpha allocation within one of its investment pools to diversify return exposures.

Colo. Authority Makes Maiden Alts. Commitments

The plan committed $12 million total to its new private equity and private credit asset classes.

Industry News
Mid-Atlantic University’s Female & Minority Representation Remains Relatively Static: Report

The diversity of the university’s endowment remains static year-over-year despite the addition of five new U.S.-based managers and the elimination of two other firms, according to a new report.

Asset Study/Review
Midwest Plan Adds Maiden Commodities Target

The plan added a 2% maiden target following an asset/liability study last month.