Asset Study/Review

Real Estate
Midwest Pension Discloses Real Estate Manager Hire

The plan initially hired the core real estate manager in November as part of a search that was launched in 2022.

Asset Study/Review
Chicago University Foundation Revises A/A

The foundation’s revised asset allocation creates a maiden global bond allocation while increasing its targets to domestic fixed-income, real assets and domestic large-cap equity.

Asset Study/Review
Calif. Association Adopts New Asset Allocation For Pension Plan, OPEB Trust

The board of investments adopted new asset allocation policies for both the pension plan and OPEB trust at its meeting today.

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Michigan Pension Fills Out Global Equity Portfolio

The retirement system hired three global equity managers to replace its dedicated international and emerging markets equity allocations in the first quarter.

Private Equity
Eastern Pension Plan Mulls A/A Changes; Bolsters Private Equity Portfolio

The pension plan received a recommendation from staff to amend its private equity sub-asset class targets last week.

Daily Feed
Southern College To Close In May

The college will close next month after operating for 168 years after it was unable to obtain bridge funding from a state loan program.

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Texas Pension Axes Emerging Markets Equity Allocation

The retirement system eliminated its 6% target to the asset class this week.

Asset Study/Review
Northeast Pension To Liquidate Long-Only Traditional Managers

The plan will move the assets with the state investment trust.

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
New England Pension Terminates Int’l Equity Mgr.

The retirement fund also adopted a new asset allocation to take advantage of higher interest rates.

Western Fund To Conduct Consultant Search Next Year

The fund will conduct a search for investment consultants next year after extending the contracts of its incumbent providers at its March board meeting.