Asset Study/Review

Windy City Plan To Consider Small-Cap Core RFP

Potential domestic small-cap core equity search would come in a decision to move away from a small-cap value manager.

Private Equity
Southern Fund To Receive Education On Potential Maiden Asset Classes

A fund based in the South will receive educations on two potential new asset classes at its next board meeting in the second quarter from its general investment consultant.

Asset Study/Review
Southern University Increases U.S. Equity Allocation; Adds PE, Absolute Return Investments

A university in the South increased its domestic equity target last year at the expense of its international equity, absolute return and long/short allocations.

Healthcare Systems Should Reset Investment Outlook Amidst Low Bond Yields, Muted Returns: Report

Healthcare systems should reset investment expectations as the outlook for their diversified portfolios appears challenged despite many successfully navigating the most difficult financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to recent research.  

International / Global / EAFE / Emerging Markets
Midwest Plan Concludes EMD Search; Reviews A/A Options

The plan disclosed the hire of a new emerging market debt manager at today’s board meeting.

Mid-Atlantic University Releases Fossil Fuel Report

A Mid-Atlantic university committee has released a report on fossil fuel divestment.

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Midwest Plan Approves Non-U.S. Equity Structure, Real Estate Commitment

A Midwestern plan approved a new non-U.S. equity structure and a real estate commitment at its board meeting today.

Asset Study/Review
Wisconsin Plan Approves A/A; Slates Searches

A Wisconsin pension plan is targeting searches in private debt and defensive equity following approval of a new asset allocation last week.

Endowments Must Explore Non-Core Positions To Meet Targeted Returns Amid Uncertain Market Environment: Study

Institutions should take a fresh look at financial and investment strategies to address challenges to their business models and maintain optimal asset allocations to meet a 7.5% historical return target, particularly in the face of a long-term era of muted returns, according to a recent study.

Asset Study/Review
Mid-Atlantic Foundation Updates AA

A foundation in the Mid-Atlantic region expanded its asset allocation range for real assets and increased its range for alternatives or non-traditional assets as part of changes to its investment policy statement last year.