Credit/Private Debt

Real Estate
Mid-Atlantic County Plan Approves Value-Add RE Investment

A Mid-Atlantic county’s pension board approved a value-add real estate investment last week.

Southwest Plan Adds Alts. Commitments

A Southwestern pension plan has added a pair of alternatives commitments.

Southern Trust Fund Issues Real Estate Debt RFP

A Southern trust fund has issued its RFP seeking a real estate debt manager following its fourth quarter approval.

Credit/Private Debt
California County Makes Illiquid Credit Hire

A California county pension plan hired an illiquid credit manager at its December meeting.

Southern Teachers Plan Begins Mid-Cap Value Search

A pension fund in the South has begun its search for a domestic mid-cap value equity manager.

Daily Feed
Nonprofit News Special Report: 2020 Alternative Investments Outlook

Nonprofits should focus on the purpose various alternative asset classes serve in their portfolio across market cycles as the unprecedented bull market continues into 2020, industry experts say.

West Coast Pension Fund Discloses Alternative Commitments

A pension fund on the West Coast has disclosed seven alternatives commitments.

Real Estate
Mid-Atlantic County To Consider Value-Add RE Investment; Eyes Private Debt

A Mid-Atlantic county plan will interview a value-add real estate manager this month and will also have further discussions on private debt candidates.

Colo. Plan Liquidates Floating Rate Debt Investment

A Colorado based plan has liquidated a floating rate debt investment.

2020 Traditional Investments Outlook

Expectations for the equity and bond markets in 2020 continue to be cautiously optimistic after a 2019 market that left bearish investors wishing they had kicked that sentiment down the road a year or two.

While many do not expect the market to perform in 2020 quite like it did in 2019, nonprofit investors are still not expecting their real spending targets to come under heavy pressure in the near-term as they gauge the economic cycle and its ability to sustain its growth trajectory.