Real Assets

Real Assets
Florida Plan Begins Farmland Search

The plan is looking for a farmland manager to handle $35 million.

Real Assets
Midwest Plan Approves Real Assets, Real Estate Pacing Plans

The plan anticipates committing up to $565 million total to the two asset classes this year.

Nonprofit News Special Report: 2023 Alternative Investments Outlook

As nonprofit investors expect market volatility to continue, with the possibility of an economic recession on the horizon, many are seeking early-stage private equity, private debt, real estate, infrastructure or hedge fund strategies to capitalize on macro trends that include a slowdown in economic growth, rising inflation, emerging technologies and demographic trends.

Real Assets
Virginia Plan Discloses Private Markets Commitments; To Consider Pacing Plan

The plan made natural resources and real estate commitments last month and will consider a 2023 private markets pacing plan this week.

International / Global / Emerging Markets
West Coast Plan Placing GQG On Watch

The watch status is due to a co-portfolio manager’s abrupt departure from the firm.

Mid-Atlantic Plan Hires Maiden Private Markets Consultant

The consultant will advise the plan’s nearly $335 million private markets portfolio.

Absolute Return
West Coast Plan Places Absolute Return Mgrs. On Watch

The plan is watching two absolute return managers due to concerns related to turnover and portfolio construction.

Real Assets
Calif. Plan To Issue Real Assets Emerging Mgr. Program RFP

The plan expects to approve a recommendation in the third quarter.

Mid-Atlantic Plan Makes Maiden Infrastructure Hire

The plan adopted a new asset allocation that includes a maiden target to the asset class.

Real Return
Southern Plan Makes Real Return Commitments

The plan concludes a search that began in February.