Real Assets

Private Equity
Pennsylvania University Pursues Energy Investments

A Pennsylvania-based university is pursuing renewable energy investments.

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Asset Study/Review
Southern University System Slowly Transitioning To New Target Asset Allocation

A Southern university system is slowly transitioning its endowment to a new target asset allocation approved in the second quarter.

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West Coast Plan Approves Private Markets Implementation Plan

A West Coast county plan approves private markets implementation plan.

Hedge Funds
Texas Plan Approves Global Macro Search, Narrows Debt Search

A pension plan in Texas approved a search for global macro managers at a meeting this week.

Midwest Plan Approves Alternative Risk Premia, Systematic Trend Following Hires

A Midwestern plan approved hires in its searches for alternative risk premia and systematic trend following managers.

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MLP Pipeline Drying Up: The Rise And Demise Of Master Limited Partnerships

Pension plans are beginning to dump Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) after losing patience with an asset class that largely has not lived up to expectations.

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Real Assets
Midwest Plan Posts Infrastructure, Real Estate RFPs

A Midwestern pension trust has issued RFPs for both infrastructure and real estate managers.

Real Assets
Southern Fund Approves Energy, RE Commitments

A Southern based fund approved energy and real estate commitments at its August board meeting.

MRI/Social Investments
Minnesota College Adopts Policy On Energy Investments

A Minnesota college’s board of trustees approved new policy for energy-related investments.

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West Coast Plan Slates Infrastructure Mgr. Search

A West Coast pension plan is in the midst of an infrastructure search to fill a potential allocation to the asset class.

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