COVID-19 News
Consultants, Nonprofits Discuss Taking Cautious Approach In Preparing For Future Opportunities

Foundations and endowments are taking a cautious approach to the markets and when to capitalize on upcoming investment opportunities the coronavirus pandemic will provide long-term investors.

COVID-19 News
Nonprofits’ Outlook Turning Negative Amid Coronavirus Crisis

The outlook for higher education institutions is shifting to negative from stable as a result of the financial impact of the coronavirus outbreak, according to a recent outlook from Moody’s Investors Service.

Industry News
Manager Selection Increasingly Pertinent With Alternative Investments: Study

Selection of alternatives managers will be important as role of strategies expand in institutional portfolios.

Emerging/Diverse Managers
Investing In Diversity: HBCUs Discuss Aligning Mission With Endowments

Historically black colleges and universities (HBCU), representing more than $2 billion in endowment assets, have the opportunity to raise awareness and bring change to the underrepresentation of diverse-owned investment managers in the approximately $70 trillion asset management industry, allocators and industry experts said.

Emerging Managers
Foundations Ahead Of Institutional Investors When Investing In Diverse-Owned Firms

Foundations continue to lap the rest of the institutional investment space when it comes to investing with diverse- and women-owned firms, a new study finds.

MRI/Social Investments
Mid-Atlantic University Approves Fossil Fuel Divestment Initiative

A Mid-Atlantic university approved divesting its endowment of fossil fuel companies this week.

Not All Manager Track Records Are Created Equal, But Private Equity Persistence Is Evident: Report

Private equity persistence is evident in pre- and post-2000 vintages, but prior track record should only be used as a “valuable reference point” for investors as it needs to be placed in context with factors such as the strategy and organization that created it, a new study finds.

Emerging Managers
Western University Launches Emerging Manager Initiative

A Western university has launched an investment program to increase its use of women- and minority-owned investment managers.

Long-Term U.S. Endowment Returns Rise Despite 2019 Dip: Study

The returns for U.S. endowments dipped in 2019 but rose for the 10-year period ending June 30 as the remnants of the financial crisis continued to fade into the past, according to the 2019 NACUBO-TIAA Study of Endowments.

No Visible Evidence Fossil Fuel Divestment Hurts Endowment Performance: Report

The assumption that divestment can hurt the total return of an endowment is based on speculation, according to CJ Ryan, co-author of a recent research paper that found no discernible evidence that divestment of fossil fuels can negatively impact the total return of an endowment’s portfolio.