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Endowments Lead Pack Of Institutions Considering ESG For Future Investment Decisions: Survey

Endowments and foundations have incorporated ESG factors at a higher rate than other institutions.

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U.S. Reps Release Endowment Diversity Report

Universities provided an estimate of total assets under management with diverse-owned firms.

Endowments’ Countercyclical Approach Boosts Endowment Returns: Report

Endowments typically invest countercyclically by decreasing active risky allocations during the run-up to a crisis, such as the Global Financial Crisis, and then increasing these allocations as risky asset prices fall following the start of a crisis, new research shows.

Pandemic Strains University Coffers, But Not Their Venture Funds

College adjacent venture funds look to capitalize on COVID-disrupted economy.

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University Endowments Can Help Close Wealth Gap Using Racial Equity Investing Approaches

Institutions should divest from products and firms that profit from racial disparities, according to report.

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Ongoing: E&Fs Rebound In Q2 As YTD Numbers Climb Closer To Even

Most nonprofits seeing returns in the low to mid-teens and year-to-date numbers rebounding to low negative single digits.

Sustainability Risks Can Affect Portfolios In Various Ways And Crises Present Opportunities: Report

The world’s health and environment-related crises continue to highlight how sustainability risks can affect portfolios in a wide-ranging manner, according to new research.

E&Fs Must Be Mindful Of Misleading Managers When Adopting ESG: Clearbrook

Consistent communication with managers is key to an accomplished portfolio.

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Universities Continue To Disclose Endowment Diversity Data

Universities continue to pull back the curtain on the diversity of their endowments with responses to an inquiry from two congressmen in the third quarter. 

Universities Face Liquidity Challenges And Stress For The 2020 Fall Semester

Immediate stresses brought on by COVID-19 challenged colleges and universities and made them realize the potential impact on their operations and liquidity longer-term, according to new research.