Market Timing Is Wrong Approach To Portfolio Construction For E&Fs, Focus Should Be On Long-Term Opportunities: Consultant

Regardless of whether inflation continues to slow or the global economy steers clear of a recession, endowments and foundations should not base portfolio construction on market timing but instead focus on longer-term areas of opportunity like private equity and international equities, according to one consulting firm.

Q3: Institutions Seek Opportunistic Strategies In Uncertain, High Rate Environment

Institutional investors have become increasingly attracted to opportunistic and special situations investments across the broad real estate and credit sectors due to interest rate hikes and capital market dislocation, which the industry finds will likely continue into 2024.

Emerging/Diverse Managers
Consultants Should Look Beyond Firm Ownership In DEI Efforts: NEPC

The consultant believes adding diverse-owned firms is not the only way nonprofits can achieve their DEI-related investment goals, and their consultants should assist them to evaluate several different approaches.

Artificial Intelligence Advancement Presents Opportunities For Emerging Managers: Xponance

Artificial intelligence could be a boon for emerging or diverse-owned investment managers, though the trend carries some risks, according to the firm.

Insights: As Investors Diversify, Risk-Mitigating Strategies Can Provide Guardrails

This article is the second part of a two-part series from Meketa Investment Group executives examining active allocation strategies tailored to today’s market.

Insights: Active Markets Demand Active Allocation Strategies

This article is part one of a two-part series from Meketa Investment Group executives examining active allocation strategies tailored to today’s market.

Private Markets Firm Sees Opportunity In Quality Industry Leaders, PE Sub-Sectors: Webinar 

Investors can find opportunities for growth with “resilient” portfolio companies in certain sub-sectors of private equity that can prove to be beneficial in an inflationary environment.

E&Fs Must Comprehend Complex OCIO Market Before Hiring Decision: Webinar

Institutions looking into the discretionary investment management should focus on whether outsourced cios are independent, objective and have the necessary market experience.

Short-Term Bonds, U.S. Stocks Attractive As Recession Signals Fade: Angeles Investment Advisors

The Santa Monica, Calif.-based outsourced cio firm is overweight on asset classes that capitalize on a strong U.S. economy buoyed by strong economic and consumer activity.

Q2 2023: Private Infrastructure Offerings Gain Steam, Contribute To Hire Uptick

Institutional commitments to private infrastructure funds increased in the second quarter given attractive characteristics—like providing an inflation hedge or cash yield—and product offerings that have gained steam in recent years, a trend that will likely continue into the second half of 2023 and beyond.