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Endowments Increasing Plans To Put Investment Advisory Services Out For Bid In Changing Environment: Webinar

Nonprofits are increasingly testing the waters for a new advisor as their fiduciary responsibilities have grown more complex.

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US Senators Urge SEC To Adopt DEI Recommendations

The recommendations address transparency, disclosure, fiduciary duty, political contributions and investigating discrimination complaints in the asset management industry.

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Handing Investment Mgmt. To The Machines: Rosetta Analytics

Diverse-owned manager utilizes artificial intelligence to manage portfolios.

MRI/Social Investments
Chicago Foundation Divests From Fossil Fuels

A foundation based in Chicago will divest its investment portfolio from fossil fuel industries and invest more in renewable energy to mitigate the effects of global climate change.

International Micro-Cap Offers World Of Opportunities

Institutional investors have long overlooked international micro-cap equity’s ability to drive alpha and its diversification benefits, according to investment managers involved in the space with strategies dating back decades.

Emerging/Diverse Managers
HBCU Adds Minority-Owned Manager Mandate To Endowment Policy

An HBCU in the Mid-Atlantic region revised its endowment policy this week to implement a mandate that a majority of its endowment be managed by minority-owned investment firms.

Private Equity
Lower Middle Market PE More Attractive Than Large Market: Webinar

The lower middle market and small buyout space possesses more attractive qualities relative to the private equity sector’s large buyout space, according to one firm.

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E&Fs Seek Private Real Estate As Portfolio ‘Ballast’ In Inflationary, Expanding Economy

But uncertainty remains about future of real estate property income levels and asset prices and their effect on returns.

MRI/Social Investments
Northeast Religious Association Seeks Consultants To Help Implement Racial Justice Investing Plan

A religious association in the Northeast is seeking proposals from consultants to assist in implementing its racial justice investing plan.

New England University Divesting From Fossil Fuels

A university in New England will not directly invest in companies that explore for or develop fossil fuels and will refrain from indirect investments in funds with holdings in the fossil fuel industry going forward.