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Real Estate
Northeast Housing Plan Begins Non-Core Real Estate Search

A Northeastern pension fund has begun a search for non-core real estate managers approved earlier this week.

West Coast Plan Approves 3 Private Markets Consultant RFPs

A city pension fund on the West Coast will issue RFPs for private equity, private credit and private markets reporting consulting services.

Wasatch Appoints Institutional Biz Development V.P.

Wasatch Global Investors has appointed Amelia Kennedy as a v.p. on the firm’s institutional business development team.

Private Equity
Southern City Plan Makes 2 Private Equity FoF Commitments

A Southern city pension fund approved two private equity fund-of-funds commitments today.

Credit/Private Debt
Great Lakes Plan Adds Distressed Debt Commitment

A Great Lakes-based pension plan approved a $5 million distressed debt commitment at this week’s board meeting.

Florida Plan Concerned With Large-Cap Growth Manager

A Florida general employees pension plan may potentially replace its incumbent domestic large-cap growth equity manager after meeting with the firm next month.

Non-U.S. & Global Fixed-Income
Florida Plan Replaces Global Bond Mgr.

A Florida pension plan replaced its global fixed-income manager at yesterday’s board meeting.

Calif. Plan Approves Midstream Energy, RE Commitments

A California pension plan approved investment committee recommendations in midstream energy and real estate this week.

Asset Study/Review
Michigan Plan Tweaks Asset Allocation

A Michigan pension plan cut its target asset allocation to hedge funds in half and redirected the assets to U.S. equity at today’s board meeting.

Industry News
Ongoing: Institutions Rebound In Q2 As YTD Numbers Climb Closer To Even

The surging second quarter markets have left institutional investors breathing a sigh of relief as year-to-date and fiscal year numbers—while still not ideal—become more digestible after a gut-punch first quarter.