Emerging/Diverse Managers

Industry News
Investment Consultant Names New Executive Committee Member

An investment consultant has named a new executive committee member.

Private Equity
Nutmeg State Plan Makes PE Commitment

A Connecticut pension fund made a commitment to a minority-owned private equity manager at its board meeting today.

Private Equity
Northeast State Plan Bolsters Private Equity Portfolio

A Northeastern state pension fund added private equity commitments in April.

MRI/Social Investments
Western Foundation Seeks Organization To Drive Portfolio Diversity

A Western foundation is seeking an organization to help drive diversity within a portfolio that invests in mission-aligned, venture-backed technology companies.

Midwest Teachers Plan Taps MWDBE Private Equity Commitments

A Midwestern teachers pension plan has wrapped up a minority-, women- and disabled-owned private equity search with multiple commitments.

Private Equity
New England Plan Makes PE Commitments

A New England state plan made private equity comments at a meeting today.

Emerging/Diverse Managers
Dedicated Origination Team And Partnership Crucial To Diverse Investing: Outsourced CIO

One outsourced cio says a dedicated origination team and a new partnership with a diverse manager association have helped increase its sourcing for diverse managers and impact investments.

Credit/Private Debt
Florida Plan Makes Private Credit Commitments

A Florida general employees retirement system made $10 million in private credit commitments at its board meeting today and will hear from two additional managers at its June meeting.

Midwest Plan Hires New Emerging MoM

A Midwest plan hired a new emerging manager-of-managers at a special meeting yesterday.

Credit/Private Debt
New England Plan Invests In TALF Strategy

A New England state plan is looking to be an early mover in the TALF program.