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Advertising in our daily and weekly email news alerts (FIN Daily and Nonprofit News) provides your firm with a unique opportunity to have your message seen by thousands of decision makers within your direct audience. Your ad will be displayed prominently at the top of each newsletter, can be updated weekly and can include a custom URL.

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Each day our FIN Daily news alert is sent out to over 9,000 individuals within the institutional space, including over 2,200 plan sponsors and 700 consultant contacts. Our weekly Nonprofit News alert is sent out to over 11,000 individuals including over 4,000 nonprofit plan sponsors.

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On-Site Advertising provides you with the best opportunity to reach key executives and decision-makers in the institutional space. Your ads will be displayed prominently across web, tablet and mobile on our highest trafficking pages; including home page, post pages and sections

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Additional Opportunities

In addition to News Alert and On-Site ads we also offer Sponsored Content and Reprints. To learn more about these opportunities, please refer to our ad kit available here or contact us at [email protected].

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