5 Questions

5 Questions
5 Questions With Meyer Memorial Trust V.P. Of Investments And Finance Sohel Hussain

Sohel Hussain took the reins as v.p. of investments and finance at the Meyer Memorial Trust in October 2023. He took the time to answer five questions with FIN News.

5 Questions
5 Questions With Rockefeller Brothers Fund Executive V.P. of Finance and Operations Geraldine Watson

Gerry Watson has worked at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund for nearly 30 years, and is responsible for the oversight of its approximately $1.3 billion endowment, accounting, technology and operations functions as well as the Rockefeller Family Fund, the David Rockefeller Fund and several of the fund’s affiliates.

5 Questions
5 Questions With Marguerite Casey Foundation V.P. Of Investments & Operations Daniel Gould

Gould helps oversee the Seattle-based foundation’s finances and approximately $825 million investment portfolio, abiding by an investment policy that incorporates a racial equity lens and encourages the organization to add more diverse-owned managers.

5 Questions
5 Questions With Verus CIO Ian Toner

Consulting firm’s cio joined Verus from Russell in 2013 and is responsible for the overall investment and risk output, for both discretionary and non-discretionary clients, as well as for the final determination of the firm’s overall investment positioning.

5 Questions
5 Questions With Joe Aguilar, CIO At The Illinois State Treasurer’s Office

Joe Aguilar is the cio for Illinois State Treasurer Michael W. Frerichs, a role in which he directs seven investment portfolios spanning across public and private market investments on behalf of the Illinois Treasury’s combined $56 billion investment portfolio.

5 Questions
5 Questions With M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust CIO Elmer Huh

Huh has served as cio of the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, managing the Vancouver, Wash.-based organization’s approximately $1.7 billion investment portfolio, since joining the trust in 2017.

5 Questions
5 Questions With Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation Deputy CIO Alain Hung

Hung oversees an endowment that seeks to capitalize on the team’s proximity to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a public land grant research university.

5 Questions
5 Questions With Brian Collett, Outgoing CIO Of The Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System

As he prepares for his Jan. 31 retirement, he took the time to answer questions from FIN News.

5 Questions
5 Questions With Andrew Junkin, CIO Of The Virginia Retirement System

Andrew Junkin is cio of the $105.9 billion Virginia Retirement System. He took the time to answer 5 questions with FIN News after last contributing in 2020.

5 Questions
5 Questions With Bryan Fujita, CIO Of The Los Angeles Fire & Police Pension System

Fujita was hired as the new cio of the $31 billion plan in July after spending the last 13 years with the Los Angeles City Employees’ Retirement System.