Portfolio Protection Essential For Institutions In 2020: Report

Nonprofits should prepared for an increase in global political risks.

Health Plans Should Diversify Portfolios To Reduce Risk, Enhance Returns: White Paper

A global consulting firm suggests healthcare organizations “with the appropriate appetite” diversify away from U.S. Treasury bonds and invest in opportunistic credit funds, private debt and hedge funds to reduce risk and enhance return, according to a recent white paper.

A Fresh Look at REITs

Institutional investors have embraced commercial real estate, but their reluctance to allocate to equity REITs has been costly for beneficiaries over the last decade. As the search for yield continues, a fresh look at equity REITs is warranted, Adelante Capital Management says.

Industry News
Strategic Investment Decisions Pave The Way To Finding Growth In 2020

Investment managers will have to leverage technology and data to better suit their clients’ needs.

Study Reveals Negotiated Fees For Institutional Investors: Callan

Pressure to lower fees on traditional active management along with smaller average mandate sizes and a move toward private markets have brought on a decline in active investment manager fees when compared to published fees.

Time For DB Plans To Reevaluate Their Risks: Willis Towers Watson

New research finds defined benefit plans will need to reevaluate their risks in 2020 to get back on track with their investment goals.

Complete Integration Can Boost Asset Management M&A Profits: Whitepaper

The lack of complete integration following mergers and acquisitions in the asset management space has led to additional costs for the industry, according to a whitepaper from Casey Quirk.

Asset Owners Placing Increasing Importance On Responsible Investment Practices For Hedge Funds: Whitepaper

Hedge fund managers are seeing an increase in demands from asset owners for the integration of responsible investment practices, according to a whitepaper from Cerulli Associates.

Asset Management M&A Activity To Continue At Historic Pace: Whitepaper
Merger and acquisition activity in the asset management space is expected to continue at a historic