Venture Capital
Investors Must Have Strong Sourcing, Steadily Commit To Early-Stage VC For Outsized Returns: Whitepaper

Institutions should not time the private markets or sit out tough years in venture capital as they will miss out on opportunities for attractive, long-term returns, according to a recent whitepaper, which finds that institutions benefit from well-constructed early-stage venture capital programs that have differentiated access, strong sourcing and due diligence processes to navigate a complex market with a challenging exit environment.

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Outsourced CIO Releases Open-Source Investment Library

The outsourced cio has released a library of proprietary investment research to the public that was previously available only to clients.

Northern Trust Lays Out 5 Essential ESG Steps

Investment committees should enlist a sustainability specialist to provide expertise and open a dialogue between committee members.

Digital Asset Growth Shapes Private Asset Investments: Study

Private asset managers must position themselves with an eye toward the continued growth and development of digital assets, according to a new study from Northern Trust.

Inst’l Asset Owners Enlist Third Parties To Implement ESG As Demand Grows: Report

In-house services remain insufficient as managers expect demand for ESG strategies to grow significantly

Investors Expand Approach To Promote Diversity In Asset Mgmt. Space: Report

Foundations and endowments are broadening their approach to promoting diversity and inclusion beyond hiring diverse-owned asset managers, according to a new report.

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Women Investors Present Unique Opportunity For Advisors To Win, Retain Assets: Whitepaper

Advisors must identify markets that align with the services, processes and personal passions of women.

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Inflation Risk Will Impact Institutional Portfolios

One investment manager expects inflation will be higher over the next decade than in the previous one, potentially proving more damaging to investors’ long-term returns, according to a recent report.

COVID-19 Driving Value Revival - Cyclical Shift Investors Have Been Waiting For Or Short-Term Noise

Allocators and managers that have been patiently waiting for a resurgence to their value equity portfolios are finally seeing the payoff as more cyclical areas of the market have rebounded during the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines and continual low interest rates.

Study On Endowment Governance Practices To Come Later This Year

The governance framework of an institution plays a significant role in its overall success and the lack of quantitative research available on stewardship practices has led a firm’s research and professional development entity to create a new study on endowments’ use of governance, which will be released later this year.