Non-U.S. & Global Equity

Asset Study/Review
East Coast Plan Plotting Transition Progress

Plan continues working toward executing a transition of assets away from the state fund.

Asset Study/Review
Rocky Mountain Plan Adopts New Asset Allocation

The new policy will help the plan achieve an expected return of 7.25% over the next 10 years.

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Midwest Plan Hires Emerging Markets Equity Mgr.; Adds Credit Commitments

The plan’s investment committee hired an emerging markets core equity manager and approved two credit commitments last week.

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Northwest Plan Concludes Int’l Equity Search

The plan hired two international equity managers to handle up to $700 million total last week following a search from 2022.

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Calif. County 457 Swaps Int’l Value Mgrs.

The plan terminated its active international value equity manager in December due to underperformance.

Midwest Plan Eyes Small-Cap, Multi-Asset Credit Searches

Plan staff is considering searches in small-cap equity and multi-asset credit searches later in 2023.

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Northwest Plan Eyes International Equity Mgr. Hires

The plan will consider hiring two international equity managers to handle up to $700 million total this week following a search from last year

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Texas Plan To Seek Global Growth Manager

The plan will look for a replacement global growth equity manager after terminating its incumbent this week.

Real Estate
Northwest State Plan Eyes RE Pacing Plan; Considering Global Equity Hire

The plan is set to review its real estate and global equity portfolios.

Southeast Plan Approves Short-Duration FI Search, RE Commitment

The plan approved criteria for its short-duration fixed-income manager search and made an opportunistic real estate commitment for pacing purposes last week.