Non-U.S. & Global Equity

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Great Lakes Plan Hires Active Emerging Markets Equity Mgr.

A Great Lakes-based pension plan hired an active emerging markets equity manager for its portfolio last month.

Credit/Private Debt
Southeast State Pension Sees Big Opportunity In Distressed Debt

A large pension fund in the Southeast could look to put up to $3 billion into distressed investments over the next 12 months.

Windy City Plan Adds Infrastructure Commitment

A Windy City pension plan has added an infrastructure commitment and removed to active equity managers from watch.

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Ohio DC Plan Makes Int’l Equity Mgr. Hires; Appoints Interim Executive Director

An Ohio deferred compensation plan hired three active international equity managers and appointed an interim executive director.

Southwest Employees Plan Hires Private Equity Consultant

A Southwestern employees pension plan hired a new private equity consultant at today’s board meeting.

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Southern Plan Axes Non-U.S. Equity Mandates

A Southern pension plan terminated non-U.S. equity mandates with two managers last quarter.

Domestic Equity
Midwest Plan Axes LCV Manager; Places 4 Firms On Watch

A Midwestern city pension plan terminated a domestic large-cap value equity manager and placed four other firms on watch last month.

Midwest Pension Plan Approves PE Co-Investment Consultant RFP

A Midwestern pension plan will issue an RFP for private equity co-investment consulting services later this month.

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
New England University Considers New Global Equity Allocation, Managers

A New England university is considering a new global equity allocation and managers this week.

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Southeast Plan To Redeem Global Equity Manager

A Southeastern pension plan received a recommendation to redeem from a global equity manager last week.