International / Global / EAFE / Emerging Markets

California Plan Makes Commitments

The plan made infrastructure, hedge fund and private equity commitments at its board of investments meeting last week.

International / Global / EAFE / Emerging Markets
Southeast Plan Slates Int’l Small-Cap Interviews

The plan will interview two international small-cap equity managers at its next board meeting.

International / Global / EAFE / Emerging Markets
Wilshire Hires EMEA Biz. Development Head

He is responsible for building and growing relationships with institutional investors in the EMEA region.

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Calif. Plan Axes Two Public Equity Mgrs.

Plan terminated a pair of public equity investments as part of an overall structure review of the portfolio.

Domestic Equity
Eastern Plan Receives SMID-Cap Value Recommendation; Shakes Up Hedge Fund Portfolio

An Eastern state plan received a domestic small- to mid-cap value equity manager recommendation last month and made several changes to its hedge fund portfolio in April.

Passive Equity
New England Issues Equity Index Provider RFP

The plan is searching for one or more managers to provide six equity index accounts.

Daily Feed
Southern Trust Fund Weighing New A/A

A trust fund in the South will consider a new target asset allocation at its June 18 board meeting following a recommendation from its general investment consultant at a board meeting last week.

Asset Study/Review
Midwest Plan Approves A/A Targets; Hires Passive Mgrs.

New plan approved both interim and long-term asset allocation targets and hired two passive managers to assist with an impending transition of assets.

Private Equity
Mid-Atlantic Plan Adds PE Commitment

The plan approved a commitment to an existing private equity manager at today’s board meeting.

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Mid-Atlantic Plan To Conduct Int’l Small-Cap Search

The plan will conduct an international small-cap equity manager search as part of a new asset allocation.