MRI/Social Investments

Private Investment Manager Hires Impact Head

The firm hired a head of impact to join its in-house team that supports management teams as they lead their portfolio companies.

Investment Manager Completes Acquisition Of ESG & Impact Firm

The firm has completed its acquisition of a specialist global ESG and impact fixed-income investment manager, adding approximately $1 billion to its total assets under management.

MRI/Social Investments
Two Firms Selected To Manage Social Impact Investment Vehicle

Two managers were selected to manage the capital investment vehicle designed to channel private capital to mission-driven banks due to their complementary backgrounds.

MRI/Social Investments
Southern Foundation Slates New Donation For Impact Investment Portfolio

The foundation is planning to utilize a new donation for its health-focused impact investment portfolio.

Mid-Atlantic Foundation Impact Investment Arm Names CEO

The foundation has named a ceo of its impact investing arm, which has more than $400 million in investments.

MRI/Social Investments
Oregon To Fully Decarbonize By 2050

State Treasurer Tobias Read announced a framework to fully decarbonize the pension fund by 2050.

MRI/Social Investments
Midwest Nonprofit Launches Private Markets ESG Fund; Adds DEI Investment Policy

The organization launched a private market ESG fund that aligns with its environmentalist mission with an initial allocation of $19 million.

MRI/Social Investments
Northeast Church Seeds NYC Housing & Economic Development Fund

The church helped seed a fund aimed to spur housing and economic development in New York City.

MRI/Social Investments
Mountain State Foundation Adds Impact Investment Fund

The foundation invested in a fixed-income impact fund that will directly invest in housing in the state.

MRI/Social Investments
Northeast Religious Association Hires Firm To Help Implement Racial Justice Investing Plan

The association hired a firm to assist in implementing its racial justice investing plan following a search with its investment committee dividing the process into two phases with the first focused on training and evaluation and the second focused on investment consulting, which will require a future search.