MRI/Social Investments

MRI/Social Investments
Southern Foundation Leads Affordable Housing Investment

The community foundation has partnered with local government to invest $200 million in loans and grants for affordable housing projects.

Private Equity
Private Markets Mgr. Closes Latest Impact Fund, Outpacing Predecessor Fund

The firm has raised more than $850 million of impact and sustainable capital since early 2021, including the close of its most recent impact fund, which is almost four times larger than its predecessor fund.

MRI/Social Investments
Western Foundation Makes Mortgage Credit Commitment

The commitment was made as part of the foundation’s efforts to align 100% of its investments with its mission.

MRI/Social Investments
New England Foundation Eyeing Impact, Mission-Aligned Investments

The foundation is looking to add impact or mission-aligned investments to its portfolio as part of its pledge to make it completely values-aligned over the next five years.

MRI/Social Investments
West Coast Impact Fund Targets Minority Neighborhoods

An impact fund targeting local Black communities has garnered an initial $400 million investment.

Recently Launched Private Investment Firm Names Chief Impact Officer

The firm has hired a chief impact officer to deliver an impact investing platform and establish the firm as a thought leader in impact private markets.

Emerging/Diverse Managers
Mid-Atlantic Plan Prioritizes Diverse Mgrs., Impact Investments

The foundation is searching for more diverse-owned managers and impact investment strategies as part of a new strategic plan to eliminate longstanding inequities that have held back many communities.

Hospitals Wield Investments To Boost Local Health Outcomes And Economics

A consortium of 72 healthcare groups and hospitals across the nation is helping institutions launch or sustain impact investment programs that target the racial, economic and health disparities within their local communities and provide a diversified return.

International Asset Manager Names Global Thematic Investing Head

The firm has hired a global head of thematic investing to lead and develop its active thematic investing offering, which focuses on companies that benefit from long-term secular trends.

MRI/Social Investments
West Coast Plan Begins Socially Responsible Investment Search

The search is part of a periodic review of managers.