MRI/Social Investments

CalPERS Makes Climate Solutions Investments

The Climate Action Plan calls for $100 billion in climate solutions investments by 2030.

MRI/Social Investments
Midwest Foundation Hires Firms To Develop Impact Investment Program

The foundation has hired three firms to develop and advise its place-based impact investment program after conducting an invitation-only RFP process last year following the departure of an impact investment staff member.

5 Questions
5 Questions With Meyer Memorial Trust V.P. Of Investments And Finance Sohel Hussain

Sohel Hussain took the reins as v.p. of investments and finance at the Meyer Memorial Trust in October 2023. He took the time to answer five questions with FIN News.

MRI/Social Investments
Northeastern Foundation More Than Doubles Impact Investing Commitment

The foundation has expanded its commitment to impact invests that advance health equity in communities that have faced a historic lack of investment with a new allocation that more than doubles the foundation’s previous commitments.

MRI/Social Investments
Midwestern Foundation Taps Manager For Impact Fund

The foundation has teamed up with an women-owned impact investment manager to launch an impact investment fund focused on health equity across several states.

MRI/Social Investments
New England Foundation Eyes Mission-Alignment Of Equity, Fixed-Income Portfolios

The foundation is looking to allocate to impact or mission-aligned investments across fixed-income and equity markets as it begins to explore similar investments in the private markets.

MRI/Social Investments
Mid-Atlantic Foundation Weighs Hiring Firm To Assist With Mission-Alignment

The foundation is considering hiring an investment manager or outsourced cio to help align its investment portfolio with its mission of expanding local access to music education.

MRI/Social Investments
NJ Treasury Seeking Social Impact Fund Manager

The state is seeking a firm to help create a special purpose vehicle for in-state investments.

Midwest Community Foundation Hires Outsourced CIO

The community foundation has hired a discretionary advisor to manage its portfolio following an RFP process.

Emerging/Diverse Managers
Midwest Foundation Adopts New DEI, Impact Strategy

The foundation is looking to allocate more of its endowment to diverse-owned managers and impact investments within Native American communities after approving a new strategy in the fourth quarter.