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California Endowment Commits To Mission Aligning Its Investment Portfolio

The endowment has committed to aligning its $4 billion in assets under management with its mission and values and is developing a new impact framework to guide its investment decisions.

MRI/Social Investments
Southern State University To Consider Impact Investment Policy

The university will consider approving an impact investment policy statement and investing 0% to 25% of its portfolio in impact investments as part of the policy this week.

MRI/Social Investments
Midwest Foundation Eyes New Mission-Related Loans

The foundation is looking to allocate to new impact investments this year as part of its three-year impact investment program targeting housing and healthcare outcomes in addition to a return of capital committed.

MRI/Social Investments
Mid-Atlantic Foundation Invests In Fund Supporting Organizations Led By People Of Color

The foundation made an investment in an initiative that aims to increase capital access for Black/African-American, Latinx, Native American and other people of color-led businesses, nonprofit organizations, financial intermediaries and venture funds.

Oregon Pledges Net-Zero Portfolio By 2050

The council laid out plans to achieve an interim target by 2035.

MRI/Social Investments
Midwest Foundation Impact Investment Consultant Search Nears Completion

The foundation is reviewing responses to an invitation-only RFP for an impact investment consultant and hopes to conclude the process by the end of February.

MRI/Social Investments
Fund Receives Grant To Support Capital Campaign, Grow Member Endowments By $370 Million

The fund has received an $100 million unrestricted grant to support its capital campaign and will deploy it by building a pooled endowment fund that will increase member institutions endowments by $10 million each.

Midwest Economic Development Agency Seeks Firms To Launch Clean Energy Fund

The agency is looking for firms to help build and implement a bond and direct lending clean energy fund.

MRI/Social Investments
Rocky Mountain DC Plans Hire Sustainable Equity Manager

The plans added a sustainable equity manager to their lineup in October after initially receiving an ESG/socially responsible product analysis search book in April.

MRI/Social Investments
Southern Endowment Issues Impact Investment RFP

The endowment has issued an RFP seeking companies, funds or projects for its new impact investment program.