Southwest Plan Axes Mid-Cap Mgr.

A Southwestern pension plan agreed to part ways with its domestic mid-cap equity manager this week.

Domestic Equity
Midwest Plan Concludes U.S. Small-Cap, Mid-Cap Core Searches

A Midwestern pension plan made hires in its domestic small-cap and mid-cap core equity searches this week.

Domestic Equity
Southeast Plan Defers Smid-Cap Structure Decision

A Southeastern plan will revisit a decision on its domestic small- to mid-cap equity structure later this year.

Domestic Equity
Southeast Plan Liquidates Smid-Cap Manager

A Southeastern pension plan liquidated its domestic small- to mid-cap equity manager at its board meeting this month.

Domestic Equity
Calif. County Adopts New Domestic Equity Structure 

A California county pension plan adopted a new domestic equity structure at yesterday’s board meeting.

Daily Feed
Midwestern Religious Organization Swaps Equity Managers

A religious organization based in the Midwest swapped domestic equity managers within its investment pool in the last year.

Domestic Equity
Florida Plan Terminates Equity Mgrs.; Selects Large-Cap Growth Semifinalists

A Florida plan terminated two of its equity managers and selected semifinalists in its large-cap growth search at today’s board meeting.

Domestic Equity
Midwest Plan Posts Smid-Cap Value RFP

A Midwestern pension fund has issued its RFP for domestic small- to mid-cap value equity managers to handle an up to $70 million allocation.

Credit/Private Debt
Southern Plan Makes Credit Commitments

A Southern retirement system made private credit commitments at today’s board meeting.

Midwest Plan Approves Smid-Cap Value Search

The search is for a domestic small- to mid-cap value equity manager to handle an approximately $50 million mandate.