Passive Equity

Northwest Deferred Comp Plan Consolidates Large-Cap Growth Portfolio

The plan liquidated two of its active domestic large-cap growth equity mandates in an effort to consolidate the portfolio.

Passive Equity
Midwest Plan Launches Passive Mgmt. Search

Plan has begun a search for passive investment management providers.

Domestic Equity
Midwest Plan Bolsters U.S. Equity, Opportunistic Portfolios

A Midwestern plan approved an investment with an existing passive domestic equity manager and a distressed debt commitment this month.

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Northeast Deferred Comp Plan Posts Int’l Equity RFP

The search is for active and passive international equity managers.

Midwest Plan Issues Private Equity, Debt RFPs

Plan will launch its RFPs for both private equity and private debt managers in the coming days.

Passive Equity
New England Plan Rehires RhumbLine

The plan rehired its incumbent passive equity manager following a search review at today’s board meeting.

Passive Equity
Western Fund Adds Private Equity Commitment Following Allocation Increase

A fund based in a Western state added an alternative investment strategy to its portfolio at its board meeting this month.

Passive Equity
Midwest Plan Slates Transition, Passive Mgmt. RFPs

A plan in the Midwest will seek board approval of scheduled transition and passive management RFPs next month.

Northwest 457 Plan Hires Equity Managers

The plan concluded searches for an active international large-cap value equity manager and a passive domestic mid-cap equity manager in March.

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Calif. Plan Axes Two Public Equity Mgrs.

Plan terminated a pair of public equity investments as part of an overall structure review of the portfolio.