Consultant Sees Value In Global Active Equity Strategies, Large-Cap: Webinar

Global equity strategies remain a compelling opportunity for institutions, according to one investment consultant who encourages greater use of active approaches.

Nonprofit News Special Report 2024: Alternatives Investments Outlook

Nonprofits still see opportunities in alternative asset classes, like smaller or specialized buyout strategies, venture funds or private debt strategies that benefit from macro trends like the higher interest rates, rapid development of artificial intelligence or transition to clean energy.

Nonprofit News Special Report 2024: Traditional Investments Outlook

2023 was supposed to be a down year for foundations and endowments with a potentially recessionary environment, however, equity and bond returns came out in the green, thanks in part to strong fourth quarters, leaving investors and allocators with a more optimistic outlook for their portfolios entering 2024.

Net-Zero Endowments Best Achieve Fossil Fuel Divestment Objectives: Stakeholders

The flexibility and environmental impacts of a portfolio targeting net-zero greenhouse gas emissions enhances the ability of endowments to support climate change solutions without sacrificing returns, according to endowments and their investment consultants.

5 Questions With Laura Kernaghan, Senior Director of Investments At The Chicago Community Trust

Kernaghan is senior director of investments at the Chicago Community Trust, leading its impact investments program of donor-advised funds. She took the time to answer 5 questions with FIN News.

Rising Inflation Challenges Endowments To Meet Future Return Targets: Study

College and university endowments posted “dramatically higher” investment returns in fiscal year 2021, however, the institutions foresee inflation as a longer-term issue posing as a challenge to meet return targets, according to a recent study.

Nonprofit News Special Report: 2022 Alternative Investments Outlook

The reliance on alternative investments led investors and allocators to pinpoint small, niche private equity managers, short-trading hedge funds and global private debt funds as key areas to capitalize on with the goal of yielding outsized returns.

Healthcare Investors See Opportunity In Tech-Focused Venture Funds, DEI Initiatives: Webinar

As healthcare industry assets continue to grow, investment professionals have reaped the benefits of private equity opportunities and will focus on venture capital, technology-related assets and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives to fuel further growth, according to a recent webinar.

Q&A With Rendel Solomon: Reflecting On The Past, Impacting The Future

Solomon recently sat down with FIN News Editor Matthew McCue to discuss his views on the asset management industry’s efforts on diversity.

Managers Must Differentiate Their Brand To Win New Business In A Post Pandemic World: Webinar

Investment managers must effectively differentiate their brand now more than ever, as institutional investors plan on adding fewer new managers over the next year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a recent webinar.