Bank Loan

Fixed-Income Credit/Private Debt Bank Loan
Rhode Island Seeking Fixed-Income Managers
The $7.5 billion Employees Retirement System of Rhode Island has issued an RFP for up to two
Fixed-Income Credit/Private Debt Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Wyoming Readies Three Fixed-Income RFPs
The $6.6 billion Wyoming Retirement System is scheduled to issue separate high-yield, bank loan and
Fixed-Income Credit/Private Debt Bank Loan
Denver Selects Distressed Debt Finalists
The $1.8 billion Denver Employees Retirement Plan selected two finalists in its distressed debt
Domestic Equity Fixed-Income Equity
Calif. County Considering Emerging Market Debt, High-Yield, Bank Loans
The $6 billion Sacramento County (Calif.) Employees Retirement Association is considering dedicated