Bank Loan

Bank Loan
Midwest Pension Launches Bank Loan Search

Plan is conducting the search to fill a 3% target to the asset class.

Bank Loan
Mid-Atlantic Pension Plan Adds Bank Loans Allocation

The plan also upped its infrastructure target as part of asset allocation changes approved last quarter.

California Plan Mulling Bond Portfolio Changes

The proposed portfolio structure would result in searches for core, credit, U.S. Treasury, emerging market debt, securitized products and bank loans.

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Midwest Plan Launches Int’l, Global Small-Cap Search

The plan is seeking global and international small-cap and small- to mid-cap equity managers after approving the RFP last week.

Midwest Pension Slates Int’l Small-Cap Search

Pension plan expects to review approving a search for international small-cap equity managers next month.

Passive Equity
Calif. Plan Retains Public Markets Passive Mgr. For OPEB Trust; Adds PE Commitment

CIO Jonathan Grabel recently rehired the trust’s public markets passive manager and the pension plan made a $270 million private equity commitment this week.

Credit/Private Debt
Rocky Mountain Plan Makes Maiden Private Debt Hire; Adopts New A/A

The plan hired a manager to implement its maiden 3% target to private debt as part of a new asset allocation policy in March.

Real Estate
Midwest Plan Adds RE Commitment

Plan re-upped with another commitment to an existing real estate manager.

Passive Equity
Calif. Plan Posts Public Markets Passive Mgmt. RFP For OPEB Trust

The plan expects to conclude the search process in the third quarter.

Passive Equity
Calif. Plan Slates Public Markets Passive Mgmt. RFP For OPEB

The plan expects to issue the RFP later this month and make a selection in the third quarter.