Passive Fixed-Income

Passive Equity
Midwest Deferred Comp. Plan Hires Passive Manager

A Midwestern deferred compensation plan hired a passive manager at its board meeting today.

Real Estate
Southeast Police Plan Tables Real Estate Mgr. Search; Splits Global Bond Allocation

A Southeastern police plan tabled its real estate manager search and split its global fixed-income asset allocation at Wednesday’s board meeting.

Daily Feed
West Coast DC Plan Delays Core Investment, Stable Value RFPs

A city deferred compensation plan on the West Coast has delayed issuance of its core investment and stable value RFPs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Searches Emerging/Diverse Managers Passive Equity
Northeast State Plan Readies Emerging Manager Program RFP

A Northeastern state plan expects to issue its RFP for emerging managers-of-managers next week.

Passive Equity
Midwest Deferred Comp Plan Issues Passive RFP

A deferred compensation plan is seeking passive equity and fixed-income managers.

Mid-Atlantic Plan Taps Private Markets Consultant

A Mid-Atlantic pension plan appears to have a hired a firm as a result of its search for discretionary private markets consulting services.

Southern City Pension Board Terminates 6 Mandates

A pension fund in the South has terminated multiple active managers in favor of index funds.

West Coast Plan To Select Small-Cap Value Finalists

A West Coast pension plan will narrow its domestic small-cap value equity manager search to finalists next week.

Passive Equity
Midwest Deferred Compensation Plan Seeking Passive Managers

A Midwest-based deferred compensation plan is looking for passive equity and fixed-income managers.

West Coast Plan To Consider Core Investment, Stable Value RFPs

A deferred compensation plan on the West Coast will consider issuing RFPs for core investment funds and a stable value fund manager.