Bank Loan

Bank Loan
West Coast Utility Plan Retains Bank Loan Mgr.

The plan rehired the manager today following interviews with two other finalists.

Bank Loan
Mid-Atlantic Plan Eyes Bank Loan Mgr. Termination

The plan will receive a recommendation from its general investment consultant that will determine the fate of its bank loan manager.

Emerging/Diverse Managers
Calif. Plan Authorizes Illiquid Credit Emerging Mgr. Program RFP

The plan authorized the issuance of an RFP as part of a newly approved credit portfolio structure.

Bank Loan
West Coast Plan Adds Bank Loan Strategy As Part Of A/A Changes

A plan based on the West Coast added a bank loan strategy as part of the adoption of a new asset allocation last month.

Rocky Mountain Plan Terminates Reinsurance Mgr.

The plan terminated its sole reinsurance manager in May.

Credit/Private Debt
Calif. Plan To Issue Illiquid Credit Emerging Mgr. Program, Passive FI Mgr. RFPs

The plan agreed to advance RFPs for an illiquid credit emerging manager program and passive fixed-income manager.

Bank Loan
West Coast Plan Issues Bank Loan RFP

The plan is searching for a firm to handle up to $220 million.

Bank Loan
Calif. Plan To Issue Bank Loan RFP Early Next Month

Plan will issue an RFP for bank loan managers following approval at this week’s board meeting.

West Coast Plan To Relaunch Credit Search, Cancels Bank Loan Search

Plan will relaunch a search for private credit after reevaluating initial criteria and formally discontinued a bank loan search with no current plans to relaunch.

Bank Loan
Calif. Plan Seeking Bank Loan Managers

The plan is looking to refresh its pool of bank loan managers.