Risk Parity

Risk Parity
Southeast Fire Plan Approves AQR Redemption

The plan approved redeeming a risk parity fund due to the firm’s decision to liquidate.

Risk Parity
Midwest Plan Issues Defensive Equity RFP

The plan is seeking a firm to complement an existing long/short hedge fund manager.

Risk Parity
Midwest Plan Authorizes Defensive Equity Search

A Midwestern pension plan authorized a defensive equity search at today’s board meeting.

Midwest Plan Eyes Defensive Equity RFP

A Midwestern pension plan will consider approving a defensive equity search at this month’s board meeting.

Midwest Plan Makes Infrastructure, Defensive Equity Hires

Hires stem from a newly adopted asset allocation.

Credit/Private Debt
Midwest Plan To Launch Private Debt, Defensive Equity Searches

A Midwestern pension plan will launch private debt and defensive equity searches as part of a recently approved asset allocation.

Asset Study/Review
Wisconsin Plan Approves A/A; Slates Searches

A Wisconsin pension plan is targeting searches in private debt and defensive equity following approval of a new asset allocation last week.

Risk Parity
Calif. Plan Hires Risk Parity Manager

A California pension plan wrapped up a risk parity manager search at last month’s board meeting.

Asset Study/Review
Southern Plan Adjusts Asset Allocation

The plan eliminated its risk parity allocation and boosted its multi-sector bond portfolio to allow for both traditional and opportunistic investments.

Asset Study/Review
Western College Changes Outsourced CIOs; Updates A/A

A college in the West hired a new outsourced cio provider to handle its endowment in July.