Kentucky Plan Discloses Long-Only, PE Hires

A pension fund in Kentucky has disclosed domestic and emerging markets equity hires and private equity commitments.

Mid-Atlantic Plan Slates Private Markets Consultant RFP

A Mid-Atlantic pension plan is slated to issue an RFP for private markets discretionary consulting services later this week.

Louisiana Plan To Discuss Infrastructure; Terminates Equity Manager

A Louisiana pension plan will receive an education on infrastructure in September and may use assets from a recently terminated equity manager to fund the new mandate.

Emerging/Diverse Managers
Great Lakes Plan Fine-Tunes Emerging Manager Program

A pension plan in the Great Lakes region has made some structural changes to its emerging manager program.

Domestic Equity Equity Searches
Midwest Plan Launches Int’l Large-, All-Cap Equity Mgr. Search

A Midwestern pension plan has begun a search for international large- and/or all-cap equity managers.

Asset Study/Review
A Northeast Plan Adds 5 New Investment Managers

A pension plan in the Northeast added 5 new managers as part of a new asset allocation.

Domestic Equity Manager-of-Managers Emerging/Diverse Managers
Indiana Concludes Emerging MoM Search
The $35 billion Indiana Public Retirement System has rehired emerging manager-of-managers Leading
Domestic Equity Real Estate Hedge Funds
Indiana Discloses New Commitments, Terminates Jackson Square
The $35 billion Indiana Public Retirement System disclosed new commitments made since April at
Domestic Equity Mid-Cap Large-Cap
Conn. Plan Makes Domestic Equity Hires
The $226 million Metropolitan District Pension Fund hired a pair of domestic equity managers last
Domestic Equity Real Estate Small-Cap
NY Power Authority OPEB Trust Seeking Equity, Fixed-Income, Global REIT Mgrs.
The $630 million New York Power Authority Other Post-Employment Benefits Trust has issued an RFP