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Western University Holding Liquidity, Eyeing Investment Opportunities

A Western university is seeking investment opportunities as it sits on a significant pile of cash across its portfolios.

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Midwest University Funds New Endowment With Utility System Transaction Proceeds

A Midwestern university funded a new endowment after successfully transferring management of its utility system in a public-private partnership transaction.

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Northeast 457 Plan Seeking Administrative Services

A Northeast deferred compensation plan has issued an RFP seeking administrative service providers.

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Rocky Mountain City Seeking Retirement Plan Service Providers

A Rocky Mountain city has posted an RFP for retirement plan services providers.

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Missouri Nonprofit Issues Retirement Plan Administrator RFP

A Missouri nonprofit has issued an RFP seeking retirement plan administrators.

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New England University Consolidating Retirement Plan Record Keepers

A New England-based university is consolidating to a pair of record keepers for its retirement plan this summer.

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Northeast Town Issues Deferred Comp RFP

A deferred compensation plan in the Northeast has issued an RFP seeking deferred compensation plan provider services

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Northeast County Seeking 457 Plan Bundled Provider

A Northeastern county is seeking a bundled provider for its 457 deferred compensation plan.

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East Coast County Deferred Comp Rehires TPA

A deferred compensation plan in the East Coast has rehired its third-party administrator

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West Coast City Seeking 457 Plan TPA/Recordkeeper

A West Coast city is seeking a third-party administrator and record keeper for its 457(b) deferred compensation plan.