Administrator - Bundled

Multi-Asset/Investment Advisor
Western College System Seeks Investment Advisory, Custodial Services

A community college system in the West has issued an RFP seeking a firm to provide investment advisory and custodial services for its employee benefit trust.

Southeast Utility Plan Seeks Administrator

A Southeast utility plan is searching for a single firm to oversee its 457(b) plan and its 401(a) plans.

Administrator - Bundled
Western Deferred Comp Plan Issues Bundled Provider RFP

The plan is seeking a firm to provide administration, record keeping, investment management, compliance and other services.

Administrator - Bundled
West Coast County Seeks Bundled Provider

A West Coast county is searching for a single firm to oversee its 457(b) and 401(a) plans.

Administrator - Bundled
Southern College Extends TPA Search Deadline; Concludes Retirement Plans Investment Options Search

A college in the South has extended the deadline for proposals in its search for third-party administration services to Sept. 15 from Sept. 1.

Administrator - Bundled
East Coast County Concludes DC Plan Administrator Search

The plan retained incumbent provider Nationwide Retirement Solutions.

Administrator - Bundled
Mid-Atlantic County Seeks Bundled Provider

A Mid-Atlantic county is searching for a bundled provider for its 457 deferred compensation plan.

Southern Fund Hires Consultant

A fund based in a Southern State has rehired its investment consultant.

Administrator - Bundled
New England Plan Hires Manager

A state plan based in New England has hired a program manager.

Administrator - Bundled
Airport Authority Hires Administrator

The administrator will provide services for the authority’s three pension plans, which have a total of $58 million in assets.