Administrator/Record Keeper

Administrator/Record Keeper
Mid-Atlantic 457 Plan Issues Record Keeper RFP

The search stems from the upcoming Jan. 31 contract expiration of incumbent Empower Retirement.

Administrator/Record Keeper
West Coast DC Plans Begin Record Keeper Search

The plans’ current provider will see its contract expire at the end of the year.

Administrator/Record Keeper
Colo. City DC Issues Record Keeper RFP

The city expects to generate a shortlist of candidates to conduct interviews with on July 29.

Administrator/Record Keeper
Southeast DC Plans Tap New Record Keeper

The plans launched a search in February due to the contract expiration of their incumbent.

Administrator - Bundled
Northeast DC Plan Rehires Bundled Provider

The deferred compensation plan rehired its incumbent bundled provider to conclude a search launched last year.

Administrator/Record Keeper
Southeast DC Plans Seeking Record Keeper

The plans have been working with their incumbent record keeper since 1977.

Administrator/Record Keeper
Midwest Deferred Compensation Plan Posts Record Keeper RFP

The RFP is due to the incumbent firm’s impending contract expiration.

Administrator - Bundled
Oregon 457 Plan Posts TPA Services RFP

The deferred compensation plan is searching for a firm to provide retirement plan administration and record keeping services.

Administrator/Record Keeper
Rocky Mountain 457 Plan Rehires Record Keeper

The hire concludes a search launched in May due to the incumbent’s contract expiration.

Administrator/Record Keeper
Western University System Issues Retirement Plan Record Keeper RFP

The university system is seeking a retirement plan administrator and record keeper for its 401(a) and 403(b) defined contribution plans.