Administrator/Record Keeper

Administrator/Record Keeper
Pacific Northwest DC Plan Posts Record Keeper RFP

The deferred compensation plan is seeking both record keeping and custodian services.

Administrator/Record Keeper
Southern University System Consolidates To Single Record Keeper For DC Plans

The system hired a single record keeper for its five defined contributions plans after launching an RFP process in the second quarter.

Administrator/Record Keeper
Southeast County Posts Record Keeper RFP

The county is looking to consolidate to a single record keeper for its 457 plan.

Administrator/Record Keeper
Northeast Deferred Comp Plan Seeking TPA

The selection firm will provide services such as administration, record keeping and investments.

Administrator/Record Keeper
N. Dakota System Issues Record Keeper RFP

The selected firm will serve from July 1 through June 30, 2028.

Administrator/Record Keeper
Northeast 457 Plan Issues Bundled Provider RFP

The plan last conducted a similar search in 2017.

Administrator/Record Keeper
Regulatory Agency Fines 11 Firms For Record Keeping Failures

A federal securities regulator has fined 11 firms with failing to preserve electronic communications.

Administrator/Record Keeper
Pacific Northwest DC Plans Seeking Record Keeper

The authority has issued an RFP seeking administration and record keeping services for its defined contribution plans.

Administrator/Record Keeper
Northeast DC Plan Seeking Record Keeper, Administration Provider

The plan conducted similar searches in 2019 and 2013.

Administrator/Record Keeper
Rocky Mountain Fire Authority Issues DC Record Keeper RFP

MissionSquare Retirement currently provides record keeping and administrative services for the authority’s plans.