Southern Plan Begins Large-Cap Value Search

The plan’s incumbents manage more than $1.2 billion.

New England Plan Seeking Overlay Manager

The plan issued an RFP seeking a manager to handle $25 million after approving the search in April.

Rocky Mountain Plan Launches Executive Director Search

CIO and COO Amy McGarrity will serve as the plan’s interim executive director while the search is conducted.

West Coast Plan To Beef Up Alts. portfolios

The three new commitments will total up to $130 million following approval from the full board later this month.

Administrator/Record Keeper
Rocky Mountain 457 Plan Issues Record Keeper RFP

The search is being conducted in anticipation of the Dec. 31 contract expiration of incumbent Nationwide Retirement Solutions.

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Passive Equity
Northeast Plan Launches Index Manager Search

The plan is looking to invest up to $175 million initially with the selected manager.

Private Equity
Southeast Plan Discloses PE Commitments

The plan disclosed two private equity commitments at a board meeting yesterday.

In The News
Even as Harvard endowment shrank last year, its managers got big paydays

Deferred compensation swelled the payouts to Harvard’s top endowment managers in 2021, despite market conditions that would later lead to losses

The Boston Globe
Should UBC endowment lands join Vancouver or become a new municipality?

A provincial study suggests the B.C. government wants out of responsibility for the University of B.C. Endowment Lands, possibly opening the door for the community to join the City of Vancouver or become a new municipality.

Vancouver Sun
UP CLOSE | The Investments Office’s diversity “smoke screen”

How Yale and its peer institutions keep their assets under primarily white management

Yale Daily News
White House to Call for New Midsize Bank Rules After SVB, Signature Failures

The White House is planning as soon as this week to recommend tougher rules for midsize banks, according to people familiar with the matter, after the collapse of two lenders earlier this month sent tremors through the banking system.

Wall Street Journal
New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) - Mortgage Security Bond Calculator

NYSIF is seeking proposals from qualified firms capable of providing Mortgage Security Bond Calculator.


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