Non-U.S. & Global Equity
New England Pension Issues Int’l Small-Cap Equity RFP

The RFP was slated to be issued to comply with standard state procurement laws.

Multi-Asset/Investment Advisor
Midwest 529 Renews Program Manager Contract

The college savings plan selected its incumbent program manager to lead the selection and monitoring of investment options following an RFP process due to the firm’s impending contract expiration.

Credit/Private Debt
Midwest Pension Launches Private Credit Search

The fund is seeking a single platform to handle a minimum 3% allocation following search approval at today’s board meeting.

People Moves
Texas Pension Portfolio Manager Heads To Bay Area Fund

A Texas retirement system is losing a portfolio manager to a West Coast pension.

People Moves
Thornburg Appoints Institutional Head

The firm’s head of institutional role is newly created.

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People Moves
MayTech Global Investments Names Distribution Head

John Gross has joined global equity manager MayTech Global Investments as head of distribution.

Multi-Asset/Investment Advisor
Pacific Northwest City Seeking Investment Manager

The city is seeking a non-discretionary investment manager for its $100 million investment portfolio.

In The News
Abrdn to launch AI tool with Edinburgh University

Abrdn, the UK-listed fund management group, is working with the University of Edinburgh to develop a generative AI tool with a “statistical brain” to work alongside its investment research team.

Financial News London
Weapons, Fossil Fuels, Illegal Settlements: Inside UMass’ Investment Portfolio

As UMass backs out of a commitment to consider divestment, an investigation reveals its endowment has millions indirectly invested in defense contractors and other entities targeted by student activists.

The Shoestring
The Man Behind the Curtain

Andrew Golden steps down from Princo after building a $34.1 billion endowment. How should that money be invested and spent going forward?

Princeton Alumni Weekly
Q&A with Jane Dietze

A question and answer with Brown University CIO Jane Dietze on the institution’s endowment, divestment and ethical investing.

Brown University

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