Juneteenth Special Feature

Today, we proudly unveil our fifth annual special edition of FIN Daily, dedicated to honoring Juneteenth.

Juneteenth Events, Initiatives Still Being Crafted

While Juneteenth was officially made a federal holiday in 2021, it appears that investment managers and consultants have not come to a consensus on ways to celebrate the day within their organizations.

List Of Black-Owned Investment Managers Over $1B Grows

There are 33 Black-owned investment management firms with more than $1 billion in assets under management responsible for an aggregate total of $272.2 billion, FIN Searches data shows.

One Year Later: A Conversation With 1803 Fund CEO Rukaiyah Adams

As the 1803 Fund moves into its second year, CEO Rukaiyah Adams talked with FIN News about the role of finance in freedom and liberation for African Americas.

Kerusso Founder Randell Cain Sees Value In The Pulpit And Portfolios

Kerusso Capital Management Founder Randell Cain recently celebrated his seventh anniversary as paster of Zion Memorial Missionary Baptist Church.

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Overlooked Black VC Space Faces Challenges Despite Growth In Industry Presence

Despite the venture capital space setting records with an increased number of Black-owned funds, challenges remain for these underrepresented managers such as bias and a lack of access, which leaves institutional allocators seeking ways to address the barriers.

United Church Funds Working To Improve Diversity Outcomes Of Portfolio & Investment Mgmt. Industry

United Church Funds has 23% of its entire portfolio invested with diverse-firms presently, including 72% of its domestic equity portfolio managed by diverse-owned firms after successfully completing its goal of having more than 60% of the domestic equity portfolio managed by diverse-owned firms in 2023, more than a year in advance of the 2024 deadline it imposed on itself.

In The News
Weapons, Fossil Fuels, Illegal Settlements: Inside UMass’ Investment Portfolio

As UMass backs out of a commitment to consider divestment, an investigation reveals its endowment has millions indirectly invested in defense contractors and other entities targeted by student activists.

The Shoestring
The Man Behind the Curtain

Andrew Golden steps down from Princo after building a $34.1 billion endowment. How should that money be invested and spent going forward?

Princeton Alumni Weekly
Q&A with Jane Dietze

A question and answer with Brown University CIO Jane Dietze on the institution’s endowment, divestment and ethical investing.

Brown University
Why Culture Is Key for Small Christian University’s Endowment

Active management is key to Baylor’s endowment, which has become a top performer among universities. But investment chief David Morehead and managing director Renee Hanna, who run the endowment’s public and private investments, respectively, say cultural factors can’t be overlooked.

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