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For Princeton Endowment Manager Andy Golden, the Greatest Returns Are Not Always Financial

Andy Golden, president of the Princeton University Investment Company (Princo), found his fountain of youth in a bottle of beer – when serving it rather than consuming its contents. The 64-year-old looked particularly relaxed, joyful, and youthful when he recently fulfilled drink orders as the guest bartender for a Housing Initiatives of Princeton (HIP) fundraiser at the Ivy Inn on Nassau Street.

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Pulling Simon Fraser University’s pension, endowment funds back from the brink

Jacky Shen suspects he was the oldest intern Simon Fraser University’s treasury department ever had.

It was 2007, he was in his early 40s, had just arrived in Canada with his family and was studying for a master’s degree in the university’s wealth management program. As an intern, Shen — now the university’s treasurer and director of investment — joined a department responsible for investing several endowment funds, trusts and pension plans that now have net assets of $1.1 billion.

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College Endowment Investment Gains Are Being Eroded by Inflation

US college endowments are rebounding from their worst returns since the Great Recession, but increased costs to pay for buildings, salaries and financial aid are cutting into those gains.

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Public Pension Funds Continue to Boost Alts Allocations in Search of Higher Returns

The Equable Institute’s State of Pensions 2023 report claims that ‘pension funds are addicted to risk.’

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Academia’s Wealth Stratification Drives the Decline in Reporting Endowments

It is startling that participation in the NACUBO survey has steadily declined since FY 2017. Why is the number of participants decreasing every year? Why is the decrease closely correlated with endowment size? What does that correlation reveal about wealth stratification in higher education?

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Even as Harvard endowment shrank last year, its managers got big paydays

Deferred compensation swelled the payouts to Harvard’s top endowment managers in 2021, despite market conditions that would later lead to losses

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Should UBC endowment lands join Vancouver or become a new municipality?

A provincial study suggests the B.C. government wants out of responsibility for the University of B.C. Endowment Lands, possibly opening the door for the community to join the City of Vancouver or become a new municipality.

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UP CLOSE | The Investments Office’s diversity “smoke screen”

How Yale and its peer institutions keep their assets under primarily white management

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White House to Call for New Midsize Bank Rules After SVB, Signature Failures

The White House is planning as soon as this week to recommend tougher rules for midsize banks, according to people familiar with the matter, after the collapse of two lenders earlier this month sent tremors through the banking system.

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Where is the Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education Engagement with Investment Management Firms?

The question of how equitable the engagement of higher education institutions with private equity firms and other investment management groups is a difficult one to answer. The reason for this is that there is an incredible lack of transparency in identifying what money managers many higher education institutions are using to steward their endowments.