Searches And Hires

Real Assets
Midwest City Plan Slates Real Estate, Infrastructure Searches

A Midwestern city pension plan will launch searches for both real estate and infrastructure managers.

Searches And Hires
Southwestern Plan Conducting Derivatives Mgr. Search

A pension plan in the Southwest is conducting a search for derivatives managers.

Searches And Hires Consultant/OCIO/Discretionary
Northwest Authority Issues Consultant RFP

An authority in the Pacific Northwest has issued an RFP for investment consulting services.

Credit/Private Debt
Northeast Plan To Issue Private Debt RFP

A pension fund in the Northeast will issue an RFP for private debt managers in October.

Private Equity
Midwest Plan Posts Private Equity FoF RFP

A Midwestern pension plan has issued an RFP for private equity fund-of-funds services.

Domestic Equity Hedge Funds Alternatives
Northeast University To Reinvest Proceeds Of FoF Investment

A university based in the Northeast will look to reinvest the proceeds of its investments with a fund-of-funds manager at its investment committee meeting next month.

Searches And Hires
California Plan Considering Consultant RFPs

A California-based plan will consider issuing two consultant RFPs at today’s board meeting.

Asset Study/Review
West Coast Plan Adopts New Asset Allocation

A pension fund on the West Coast has adopted a new asset allocation that will lead to manager searches.

Multi-Asset/Investment Advisor
Texas Plan Eyes Investment Manager RFP

A Texas pension plan was scheduled to review an RFP for investment management and custodial bank services last week.

Searches And Hires
New England Plan Begins Domestic, Int’l Value Equity Mgr. Searches

A New England pension fund is searching for domestic large-cap value and international value equity managers and has terminated a domestic large-cap core manager.