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Sustainable Trends Report: More Allocated Capital, Financial Inclusion And Fintechs

Progress on sustainable investment solutions across the economy has been significant but there is still room for sustainability to grow as a meaningful part of the capital markets, a recent report shows.

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New York Foundation Seeks Investment Officer

A New York-based foundation is searching for an investment officer to assist with its mission related investments (MRI) program.

Impact Investments Projected For 2019 Growth: Survey

Impact investment capital and individual investments will see projected growth in the double-digits this year, according to a recent survey.

MRI/Social Investments
Arizona Foundation Creates New Socially Responsible Investment Fund

An Arizona-based university foundation created a new socially responsible investment fund last month, according to an announcement.

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Institutional Investors Have More Power Than Governments To Shape Climate Future

Institutional investors have been using their financial heft to urge corporations to go green. But now they are asking Congress to do more — to get regulators to ensure transparency and consistency when it comes to reporting risks.

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Hedge Funds Face Growing ESG Demand From Endowments, Foundations

Hedge fund managers face increasing demands from asset owners who covet improved ESG reporting standards and increased commitment to ESG, a new study finds.

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Northeast-Based Consulting Firm Issues Public Equity RFP

An investment consulting firm based in New England has issued an RFP seeking public equity strategies with a gender lens focus.

MRI/Social Investments
Mass. Based Agency Issues Cash Mgr. RFP

A Northeast city has issued an RFP seeking cash management services.

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Analysis Shows Major Differences In ESG Distribution Profiles And Investment Performance: KBIGI
ESG distribution between developed and emerging markets companies appears to be almost mirror
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Firms Must Overcome Barriers For Inst'l ESG Embrace
ESG-focused investment managers can pursue several different avenues to overcome barriers and win