Master Limited Partnership

Asset Study/Review
Great Lakes Plan Adopts Target Allocation Changes

A pension plan in the Great Lakes region has added a new REIT allocation.

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MLP Pipeline Drying Up: The Rise And Demise Of Master Limited Partnerships

Pension plans are beginning to dump Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) after losing patience with an asset class that largely has not lived up to expectations.

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Real Assets
Midwest State Plan Eliminates Real Assets Allocation

A Midwestern state retirement system eliminated its real assets allocation at a board meeting held last week.

Hedge Funds
Southern Pension Plan Exits Hedge FoF, MLP Strategies

A pension fund in the South has decided to exit the hedge fund and MLP spaces.

Real Assets
Midwest Plan Approves First Infrastructure Investments

A Midwestern pension plan hired two firms to split a maiden infrastructure allocation last week.

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Credit/Private Debt
Western Plan Changes Managers; Adds New Asset Class

A state fund in the Western U.S. altered its portfolio alongside changes to its investment manager rooster during a recent board meeting.

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Real Assets
Northeast Plan Liquidates MLPs Manager

A Northeastern plan liquidated its Master Limited Partnerships manager in the first quarter due to underperformance.

Domestic Equity Hedge Funds Small-Cap
Alaska Retirement Launches Risk Parity Search; Prunes Manager Lineup
The $33.4 billion Alaska Retirement Management Board is searching for a risk parity manager,
Hedge Funds Alternatives Equity
Conn. Plan Conducting Emerging Markets Equity Search; Terminates 2
The $169 million City of New Haven (Conn.) Employees Retirement Fund approved an emerging markets
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Alternatives Real Assets Private Equity / Venture Capital
Fresno City Makes Private Equity Fund-Of-One Hire; Slates MLP Shortlist Search
The $3 billion City of Fresno (Calif.) Retirement Systems has hired a fund-of-one manager for its
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