Domestic Equity Small-Cap Fixed-Income
Illinois Municipal Bolsters Fixed-Income Portfolio
The $42.4 billion Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund shifted $850 million in domestic equity assets
Domestic Equity Large-Cap
Miami Plan Hires Large-Cap Growth Manager
The $690 million City of Miami General Employees’ and Sanitation Employees’ Retirement Trust has
Domestic Equity Real Estate Small-Cap
Norfolk County Issues 10 Investment Manager RFPs
The $1 billion Norfolk County (Mass.) Retirement System has issued 10 RFPs seeking domestic and
Domestic Equity Large-Cap
Mass. Plan Posts Large-Cap Value Manager RFP
The $106 million Belmont (Mass.) Contributory Retirement Fund has issued its RFP for a domestic
Domestic Equity Large-Cap
Cocoa Beach Fire & Police Plans Make LCV Changes
The $14.4 million City of Cocoa Beach (Fla.) Firefighters’ Retirement System and $14.3 million
Domestic Equity Large-Cap
Calif. Plan Narrows Low-Volatility Search To 3 Firms
The $4.5 billion San Mateo County (Calif.) Employees’ Retirement Association is scheduled to narrow
Domestic Equity Small-Cap Fixed-Income
Baltimore County Seeking Emerging Mgr. Opportunities
The $3.2 billion Baltimore County (Md.) Employees Retirement System will receive a recommendation
Domestic Equity Alternatives Fixed-Income
Pinellas Park Plans Discussing Bank Loans, Infrastructure; Police Plan Eyes LCV Changes
Pinellas Park Plans Discussing Bank Loans, Infrastructure; Police Plan Eyes LCV Changes The $64.7
Domestic Equity Large-Cap
Marco Island Police Makes Large-Cap Growth Hire
The $15.5 million Marco Island (Fla.) Police Officers Pension Fund has hired ClearBridge
Domestic Equity Alternatives Consultant/OCIO/Discretionary
La. Plan Begins Private Markets Consultant Search; Rehires Large-Cap Value Managers
The $20.4 billion Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana approved a solicitation for proposals