International / Global / Emerging Markets

International / Global / Emerging Markets
Southern Plan Seeking Int’l Equity Mgr.

The plan is looking to replace its current underperforming manager.

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Northeast Plan Axes EME Manager

The plan moved an emerging markets equity mandate to a passive account while it determines its long-term direction for the assets, which could ultimately remain passive.

Hedge Funds
Northeast Plan Nears L/S Decision; Hires EAFE Manager

The plan will make a decision on its ongoing long/short hedge fund search.

Institutions Reevaluating Exposure To Chinese Equities Amid Market Uncertainties

Institutions have begun to reevaluate their investment in the world’s second largest economy as they weigh a multitude of factors related to either increasing or reducing their exposure, including geopolitics, diversification and market uncertainties.

Southern University Pivots Fund Toward Equities

The university updated the fund’s asset allocation targets on the heels of several manager hires earlier in the year.

International / Global / Emerging Markets
West Coast Plan Makes Emerging Markets Equity Hires

The hires conclude a search first approved in June.

Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Calif. Plan Axes Int’l Equity Manager

The termination resulted from a public equity structure review presented by its general investment consultant on Wednesday.

International / Global / Emerging Markets
Southern Plan Concludes Int’l LCV Search; Approves Commitments

The plan retained two managers based on the recommendation of its general investment consultant.

Southern Teachers Plan Sets 2023 Pacing Plans; Terminates Three Mgrs.

The pacing plan will commit a total of $825 million to real assets and private equity strategies.

Southern Plan Begins Int’l Large-Cap Growth Search

The plan is conducting the search due to the April 2023 contract expiration of its incumbent, which was rehired in 2018, 2013 and 2008 following similar searches.