Inflation Protection

Daily Feed
Mid-Atlantic Plan Approves TALF Allocation, Investments

A Mid-Atlantic pension plan approved a new dedicated allocation to the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility program and two investments to fill it at yesterday’s board meeting.

Great Lakes Plan Eyes Short-Duration HY Bond Mgr. Search Review

A Great Lakes pension plan has been scheduled to review a short-duration high-yield fixed-income manager search at an investment committee meeting scheduled for next week.

Mid-Atlantic Plan Taps Private Markets Consultant

A Mid-Atlantic pension plan appears to have a hired a firm as a result of its search for discretionary private markets consulting services.

Southern Plan Considering Core Fixed-Income, TIPS, Non-U.S. Equity RFPs

A Southern-based plan will consider searches for domestic core fixed-income, inflation protected securities and non-U.S. equity passive index services over the course of the next year.

West Coast Plan Adds Core Bonds Portfolio

A West Coast plan has approved a new core bonds allocation this week.

Daily Feed
Nonprofit News Special Report: 2020 Alternative Investments Outlook

Nonprofits should focus on the purpose various alternative asset classes serve in their portfolio across market cycles as the unprecedented bull market continues into 2020, industry experts say.

Real Assets
Northeast Plan Adopts 3% Farmland Allocation

A Northeast plan adopted a new farmland allocation as part of a completed asset allocation study.

Inflation Protection
Ohio School Adjusts Its Target Asset Allocation

A university in Ohio has adjusted its asset allocation targets and reinvested some of its portfolio.

Real Assets
Midwest State Plan Eliminates Real Assets Allocation

A Midwestern state retirement system eliminated its real assets allocation at a board meeting held last week.

Fixed-Income Passive Fixed-Income Inflation Protection
Mass. Plan Seeking Passive TIPS Manager
The $183 million Medford (Mass.) Contributory Retirement System has issued an RFP for a passive