Real Assets
Great Lakes Plan To Diversify MLP Bucket

Plan will consider breaking up 5% allocation to Master Limited Partnerships and is considering exposures to commodities, listed infrastructure and TIPS.

Asset Study/Review
Midwest Plan Eyes Credit, Infrastructure Allocations

Plan will consider incorporating new allocations to private credit and private infrastructure in the coming months.

Asset Study/Review
West Coast Approves New A/A

The new asset allocation increases its equity target by 3%.

MRI/Social Investments
Midwest University Commits To Net-Zero Carbon Endowment, Makes Sustainable Investments

A university in the Midwest approved a new investment policy to reach a net-zero carbon footprint as well as three commitments totaling $140 million to renewable and sustainable investments at its March board meeting.

Domestic Equity
Southern Plan Consolidates Passive U.S. Equity Positions

A Southern pension plan consolidated its passive domestic equity portfolio at today’s board meeting.

MRI/Social Investments
Canadian Universities Unite To Combat Climate Crisis

A coalition of Canadian university endowments and pension plans has announced a new initiative to engage corporations on climate change to reduce climate-related risks in their investment portfolios.

Mid-Atlantic University Releases Fossil Fuel Report

A Mid-Atlantic university committee has released a report on fossil fuel divestment.

Calif. Plan Terminates Commodities Mandate

Plan’s investment committee agreed to eliminate its active long-only commodities mandate with CoreCommodity Management this week.

Domestic Equity
Southern Plan To Consolidate Passive U.S. Equity Positions

A Southern pension plan will consider a recommendation to consolidate portions of its passive domestic equity portfolio at its board meeting in March.

West Coast Plan To Eliminate Commodity Asset Class

The plan will terminate its commodity manager and exit the asset class entirely due to low return expectations.