Bank Loan

Alternatives Fixed-Income Real Assets
Tennessee Makes Private Commitments
The $38.2 billion Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System made two private commitments totaling up
Real Estate Hedge Funds Alternatives
LA Utility Plan To Conduct Fixed-Income Searches
The $9.6 billion Los Angeles Water & Power Employees Retirement Plan will begin conducting three
Fixed-Income Credit/Private Debt Bank Loan
Mt. Lebanon Seeking Bank Loan, High-Yield Managers
The $70 million Mt. Lebanon (Pa.) Pension Plans are searching for both bank loan and high-yield
Domestic Equity Fixed-Income Credit/Private Debt
Pa. County Plan Makes Strategic Changes; Terminates 2 Fixed-Income Mgrs.
The $202 million Erie County (Pa.) Employees Retirement System has changed its investment policy to
Real Estate Alternatives Fixed-Income
New Mexico Makes Int'l Equity, Bank Loan Hires
The $16.8 billion New Mexico State Investment Council hired nine international equity managers to
Fixed-Income Credit/Private Debt Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Austin Police Considering Strategies
The $560 million Austin Police Retirement System could look into dedicated allocations to emerging
Fixed-Income Credit/Private Debt Bank Loan
Calif. County Completes Bank Loan Manager Search
The $1.9 billion Sonoma County (Calif.) Employees Retirement Association hired bank loan manager
Alternatives Fixed-Income Credit/Private Debt
Delaware Public Employees Terminates T. Rowe Price
The $7.9 billion Delaware Public Employees Retirement System terminated domestic high-yield
Alternatives Fixed-Income Real Assets
New Mexico Investment Council Completes Bank Loan Mgr. Search
The $16.3 billion New Mexico State Investment Council hired ING Investment Management to handle a
Fixed-Income Credit/Private Debt Bank Loan
San Francisco Seeking Bank Loan Managers
The $16.3 billion San Francisco City & County Employees Retirement System will issue an RFP for