Real Estate Alternatives
Imperial Begins Look At Alternatives, Real Estate
The $371 million Imperial County Employees Retirement System is considering a potential investment
Real Estate Hedge Funds Alternatives
Winston-Salem Considers Hedge Fund, Real Estate
The Winston-Salem Employees Retirement System is currently looking at hedge funds and real estate.
Alternatives Surveys/Studies
N.M. Plan Set For Study, Alternative Investments
The New Mexico Educational Retirement Board will start an asset liability study in December and
Hedge Funds Alternatives Non-U.S. & Global Equity
Police Fund Eyes Hedge Funds, Emerging Markets
The St. Louis Police Retirement System expects to decide whether to make a maiden investment in
Seattle Creates Asset Class For Mezzanine Debt
The $1.7 billion Seattle City Employees Retirement System will search for two to three mezzanine
Alternatives Private Equity
CalPERS Makes Private Equity Hires
The $196 billion California Public Employees Retirement System has committed $450 million to three
Hedge Funds Alternatives
Fresno County Begins Alternatives Education
The $2.3 billion Fresno County Employees Retirement Association will begin an education into
Hedge Funds Alternatives Private Equity
Knoxville Looks To Hedge Funds, Private Equity
The $480 million Knoxville (Tenn.) City Employees Pension Fund is currently in the process of
Hedge Funds Alternatives Emerging/Diverse Managers
Philly Searching For Emerging Manager-of-Managers
The Philadelphia Board of Pensions & Retirement is looking to invest up to $10 million into an
Alternatives Private Equity
Indiana Hires Private Equity Funds
The $12 billion Indiana Public Employees Retirement Fund hired two private equity managers at its