Small- to Mid-Cap

Small- to Mid-Cap
New England Plan Swaps Smid-Cap Core Mgrs.

The plan hired a new domestic small- to mid-cap core equity manager yesterday.

Small- to Mid-Cap
Conn. Plan Monitoring Smid-Cap Growth Manager

The firm is being monitored due to performance and recent personnel turnover.

Small- to Mid-Cap
Southern Plan Finalizes Smid-Cap Search; Makes Commitments

The plan concluded its domestic small- to mid-cap equity manager search and made private markets commitments last week.

Small- to Mid-Cap
Florida P&F Plan Makes Smid-Cap Value Hire

The plan moved a portion of its mid-cap value assets to the new small- to mid-cap value manager.

Small- to Mid-Cap
Southern Plan Begins Smid-Cap Equity Manager Search

Contracts of the plan’s incumbent managers are expiring.

Small- to Mid-Cap
Windy City Plan Posts Smid-Cap Value, Diverse PE Manager RFPs

The plan is seeking domestic mid-cap value equity managers to handle a $25 million mandate and diverse-owned private equity managers for an up to $3 million commitment.

Small- to Mid-Cap
Midwest Plan Slates U.S. Smid-Cap Value RFP Approval

The plan is expected to potentially approve an RFP for domestic small- to mid-cap value equity managers next week.

Small- to Mid-Cap
Southeast Plan Axes Smid-Cap Core Manager

The terminated manager has been on and off the plan’s watch list since 2018 for personnel turnover.

Small- to Mid-Cap
Southern Plan Makes Smid-Cap Growth Hire

The plan made a decision in its domestic small- to mid-cap growth equity search at today’s board meeting.