International / Global / Emerging Markets

Real Estate Fixed-Income International / Global / Emerging Markets
Calif. Plan Begins Emerging Market Debt, Non-Core Real Estate Manager Searches
The $1.6 billion Tulare County (Calif.) Employees Retirement Association has begun searches for
Equity International / Global / Emerging Markets
St. Louis Hoses Plan Monitoring OFI Global Following Sale
The $65 million Firefighters’ Retirement Plan of the City of St. Louis is monitoring international
Equity Consultant/OCIO/Discretionary International / Global / Emerging Markets
Md. Plan Retains Consultant; Hires Emerging Markets Mgr.
The $1 billion Howard County (Md.) Retirement Plan assigned it general investment consultant
Alternatives Equity Private Equity
Massachusetts Plan Selects Private Equity Finalists
The $1 billion Plymouth County (Mass.) Retirement Association will interview three firms in its $12
Domestic Equity Real Estate Small-Cap
Tenn. Plan Hires U.S. Small-Cap Core, EME Managers
The $225 million Chattanooga (Tenn.) Fire & Police Pension Funds hired PIMCO to manage a $10
Fixed-Income High-Yield International / Global / Emerging Markets
Ohio Plan Seeking HY Bond, Emerging Market Debt Mgrs.
The $78.6 billion State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio has issued a pair of fixed-income
Domestic Equity Small-Cap Alternatives
LACERS To Hear Equity, Fixed-Income Mgr. RFP Schedule
The $17 billion Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System is slated to approve five RFPs for
People Hedge Funds Alternatives
Kern County Slates Int'l Small-Cap Review
The $4.15 billion Kern County (Calif.) Employees Retirement Association will review a shortlist of
Equity International / Global / Emerging Markets
LA Utility Plan Begins Global Equity Search
The $14.4 billion Los Angeles Water & Power Employees Retirement Plan has issued its RFP for an
Fixed-Income Equity High-Yield
Mass. Housing To Begin HY Bond Search; Hires GQG
The $147.3 million Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency Retirement System will issue an RFP for a