Credit/Private Debt

Alternatives Equity Credit/Private Debt
PennSERS Approves New Investments
The $28.9 billion Pennsylvania State Employees’ Retirement System approved up to $550 million in
Fixed-Income Credit/Private Debt High-Yield
Vermont Terminates Guggenheim
The $4.3 billion Vermont Pension Investment Committee terminated high-yield fixed-income manager
Domestic Equity Hedge Funds Alternatives
Texas Municipal Adds New Investments
The $28.4 billion Texas Municipal Retirement System approved approximately $1.4 billion in new
Domestic Equity Alternatives Credit/Private Debt
Chicago Police Concludes Micro-Cap Manager Search
The $2.6 billion Chicago Policemen’s Annuity and Benefit Fund hired a domestic micro-cap equity
Domestic Equity Alternatives Credit/Private Debt
Del. Plan Hires Private Equity, Debt Managers
The $437 million New Castle County (Del.) Employees Pension Program hired two private equity
Domestic Equity Alternatives Credit/Private Debt
Houston Municipal Adds Private Credit, VC Commitments
The $3 billion Houston Municipal Employees Pension System approved $60 million in new private
Domestic Equity Alternatives Real Assets
Indiana Discloses Private Commitments
The $34.4 billion Indiana Public Retirement System has made four private commitments totaling
Alternatives Credit/Private Debt Bank Loan
Ohio P&F Adopts Private Credit Pacing Model
The $15.7 billion Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund has slated $200 million in private credit
Domestic Equity Alternatives Credit/Private Debt
Michigan Plan Makes First Quarter Alts. Commitments
The $70.6 billion State of Michigan Retirement Systems committed $535 million to alternative
Alternatives Surveys/Studies Credit/Private Debt
Hawaii Trust Fund Eyes Private Credit Search
The $2.3 billion Hawaii Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund is expected to search for private