Asset Study/Review

Southwest Plan Adds Debt Commitments

A Southwestern pension plan added a pair of distressed debt commitments at Wednesday’s board meeting.

Emerging/Diverse Managers
Texas Fund Further Developing Alternative Emerging Manager Program Outline

A Texas-based fund is developing an alternative emerging manager program outline and will focus on two alternative strategies.

Asset Study/Review
Southern University To Review Strategic Plan, AA In 2020

A Southern university will review its strategic plan and asset allocation early next year with the help of its general investment consultant. 

Asset Study/Review
Western Plan To Approve New Asset Allocation Ranges; Discloses Commitments

A Western pension plan is slated to approve new asset allocation ranges at its board meeting next week.

Domestic Equity
Southeastern County Mulling Large-Cap Value Mgr. Replacement

A Southeastern county pension plan is considering the replacement of its domestic large-cap value equity manager.

MRI/Social Investments
Western Education System To Gauge Managers’ Climate Change View In Investment Process

A Western education system will reach out to external investment managers to assess whether climate-related risks and opportunities are integrated into their investment processes.

Private Equity
Midwest Plan Bolsters Private Equity Portfolio

A Midwestern pension plan both raised its target asset allocation to private equity and added follow-on commitments in the asset class last month.

Searches & Hires
Hoosier Health System Starts New Asset Class Allocation, Hiring Investment Staff

An Indiana university-affiliated health system has added new asset class allocation and is hiring an investment staffer.

Asset Study/Review
Southern University System Slowly Transitioning To New Target Asset Allocation

A Southern university system is slowly transitioning its endowment to a new target asset allocation approved in the second quarter.

Asset Study/Review
Great Lakes Plan Adopts Target Allocation Changes

A pension plan in the Great Lakes region has added a new REIT allocation.