Healthcare Systems To Continue Increasing Alts Allocations, Finding Cash & Fixed-Income More Interesting: Study

While U.S. healthcare systems continue to look to increase their allocations to alternative investments, they are also reporting an increased interest in cash and fixed-income, a new study finds.

Smaller Endowments Outperform Larger Peers As FY23 Average Returns Exceed FY22: Study

The average 2023 fiscal year return of colleges and universities’ endowments exceeded fiscal year 2022 returns as the smaller endowments’ public market exposures helped them outperform their larger peers.

Q4 2023: Consultant Search Activity Picks Up, Rehires Outnumber New

The fourth quarter had 35 completed investment consultant hires, according to FIN Searches data.

Private Debt, PE Allocations Expected To Increase Among North American Institutions: Study

Report finds 40% of U.S. and Canadian institutional investors plan to increase their allocations to private debt, while roughly one-third plan to grow their private equity holdings in the next three years.

HBCUs Can Benefit From Access To Alts, Risk Management Support To Optimize Returns: Study

HBCUs can benefit from access to best-in-class liquidity management tools, a higher risk tolerance to optimize their long-term returns and additional opportunities to engage with managers, according to the study.

Industry News
Investment Industry Analyst Finds Outlet Through Culinary Passion

A longstanding love of cake artistry is proving an outlet and way to relieve stress for one investment professional eager to maintain the pursuit of those passions.

International / Global / Emerging Markets
Emerging Markets Provide Opportunity, But Institutions Should Not Forget Risk: Webinar

Industry strategists see investment opportunities outside of the U.S. in emerging markets, but risks, such as China and its slow growth, pose challenges that institutions should be mindful about, according to a recent webinar.

PE & VC Industries See Compensation Gains, But Industry Professionals Are Concerned

A report finds that 60% of private equity and venture capital industry professionals expect to see greater cash earnings this year, down from 65% last year.

Agility Gives Managers Competitive Edge In Changing Institutional Investment Market: Report

Accelerating changes in the investment management industry are forcing managers to reassess their strategies and become more agile and competitive for institutional clients, a new study finds.

Institutional Assets Gain Small, Temporary Edge Over Retail Assets: Cerulli

As U.S. professionally managed assets declined in 2022, Cerulli Associates’ latest report found a temporary trend reversal where institutional channel assets gained a slight edge over retail.