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West Coast City Fund Hires 5 Small-Cap Equity Managers

A city pension fund on the West Coast has hired five domestic small-cap equity managers.

Real Assets
Southwest Plan Discloses Real Estate, Infrastructure Commitments

A Southwestern pension plan has disclosed recent real estate and infrastructure commitments.

Mid-Atlantic Plan Hires Emerging Market Debt Mgr.

A pension fund in the Mid-Atlantic region has hired its first dedicated emerging market debt manager.

West Coast Plan To Consider Core Investment, Stable Value RFPs

A deferred compensation plan on the West Coast will consider issuing RFPs for core investment funds and a stable value fund manager.

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Southeast Plan Slates Interviews For Emerging Market Debt Search

A Southeastern pension plan will interview firms in its emerging market debt search next month.

Daily Feed
Nonprofit News Special Report: 2020 Alternative Investments Outlook

Nonprofits should focus on the purpose various alternative asset classes serve in their portfolio across market cycles as the unprecedented bull market continues into 2020, industry experts say.

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Midwest Plan Places Fisher On Watch

A Midwestern pension plan voted to formally place Fisher Investments on watch this week.

Multi Asset/Investment Advisor
Louisiana Plan Makes Multi-Asset Class Hires

A pension fund in Louisiana has made hires in multi-asset class managers.

New England Plan Names Large-Cap Value Finalists

A New England pension plan has named finalists in its ongoing domestic large-cap value equity manager search.

2020 Traditional Investments Outlook

Expectations for the equity and bond markets in 2020 continue to be cautiously optimistic after a 2019 market that left bearish investors wishing they had kicked that sentiment down the road a year or two.

While many do not expect the market to perform in 2020 quite like it did in 2019, nonprofit investors are still not expecting their real spending targets to come under heavy pressure in the near-term as they gauge the economic cycle and its ability to sustain its growth trajectory.